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DARK STAR: The Satanic Rites of Gilles de Rais - by Various Authors

DARK STAR: The Satanic Rites of Gilles de Rais - by Various Authors

The spectre of Gilles de Rais the satanist child-killer, eclipses French history like a 'dark star'. A fallen general, once the champion of Joan of Arc, whose experimentations in cruelty led him through the very Gates of Hell.

His obscene crimes and decadent aristocratic glamour have created an enduring legend of mythic proportions. This collection of essays, quotations, excerpts and fiction from some of the most famous authors in recent centuries evoke a chilling portrait of one of the most sinister figures in the annals of European history and mass murder.

After Joan of Arc was captured, Gilles de Rais fled to the safety of his castles in France where he began a steady spiral downwards - one of his first murders was committed in the presence of the sadistic sorcerer Prelati - in Prelati's chambers in the castle - Gilles seized a young boy and slashed his throat - from that moment on he had found his one true passion in life - the torture and murder of children - and where ever he went, children would disappear, never to be seen again - the final number of his victims will never be known but some say it could be as high as 800 deaths....

Authors Include:

Georges Bataille
Blaise Cendrars
J.K. Huysmans
Valentine Penrose
Jean Genet
Marquis de Sade
Andre Breton
Arthur Rimbaud
Gustave Flaubert
Richard Thoma
James Havoc
Charles Perrault

and many others.....

Creation Books - 2005 Edition - 302 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - History/ True Crime/ Collection/ Satanic/ Mass Murder - PRICE: $15.00

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SUN RA: The Eternal Myth Revealed - Volume 1 - 14 x CD Set with 132 Page Book

SUN RA: THE ETERNAL MYTH REVEALED - The Story of a Universal Being and His Music - Covering the periods from 1914 to 1959 - Volume 1 - 14 x CD Box Set with 132 Page Book

Contains 16 hours and 54 minutes of rare material - with Sun Ra's autobiographical commentary and narration by producer and Sun Ra Music Archive Executive Director Michael Anderson - Tons of Music, Interviews and Narration - INCLUDES 132 page book with text and b&w illustrations and photos.

BOX SET Includes:

An Early History Examination // Sun Ra As An Arranger & Composer // Performing As A Sideman // As A Professional Vocal Coach // Mary Lou William's Piano // Organ & Arrangement Influences // Piano & Solovox Recordings // Solo Piano Recordings // Afro-Cuban Jazz Influence // The Pat Patrick Rehearsals // Early Arkestra Recordings // The Early Avant Garde Rehearsals // Sun Ra R&B Doo Wop Group Recordings // Popular 1950's R&B Doo Wop Recordings // Le Sony Ra Bop Quintet 'Live at Budland' 1956 // and much much more...........

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Transparency/ Sun Ra Music Archive Release - 2011 Edition - 14 x CD Box Set with 132 Page Paperback Book -- PRICE: $100.00

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SEX AND ROCKETS: The Occult World of Jack Parsons - by John Carter

SEX AND ROCKETS: The Occult World of Jack Parsons
By John Carter

Foreword by Robert Anton Wilson

The Mysterious Life and Death of Jack Parsons -- In his short 37 years, John Whiteside “Jack” Parsons embodied several different roles in one tormented but glorious life.

By day, Parsons’ unorthodox genius created a solid rocket fuel that helped the Allies win World War II and NASA send spacecraft to the moon. He was the co-founder of Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Aerojet Corporation, and a lunar crater on the dark side of the moon was named after Parsons.

By night, Parsons called himself 'The Antichrist' when he performed Aleister Crowley’s Thelemic rituals to try and create a new sort of human being that would finally destroy Christianity.

In a Pasadena mansion, the dark, handsome Parsons hosted soirees for the young emerging literature of science fiction, visited by writers such as Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, and none other than L. Ron Hubbard himself, who later founded the Church of Scientology.

With L. Ron Hubbard acting as his “Scribe”, Parsons enacted dark “Babylon” rituals to help foment a new occult age - but Jack Parsons dies suddenly in a huge, mysterious explosion that even today cannot be definitively explained. Was it murder ? Suicide ? Conspiracy ? Or just an accident?

Feral House Books - 239 page paperback - Illustrated - PRICE: $16.00

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THE LOVECRAFT LEXICON: A Reader's Guide to Persons, Places and Things in the Tales of H. P. Lovecraft - by Anthony Pearsall

THE LOVECRAFT LEXICON: A Reader's Guide to Persons, Places and Things in the Tales of H. P. Lovecraft - by Anthony Pearsall

Although he died in 1937, Howard Phillips Lovecraft's remarkable body of work lives on - including the classics 'The Dunwich Horror' and 'The Call of Cthulhu' his stories continue to astound and amaze a large and varied audience - with elements of Magic, Horror and Fantasy his worlds are very complex - filled with a daunting array of bizarre and obscure characters, creatures, monsters, caves, caverns, abysses things, places and recurring themes - quite a task for anyone to figure out.

So, Anthony Pearsall has done just that - From 'Abbadon' (the demon) to 'Zuro' (a river) The Lovecraft Lexicon is a definitive guide to this incredible universe with hundreds of meticulously researched entries - a catalog of persons, places and things mentioned through-out Lovecraft's vast writings - the first 25 pages are an accurate biography of H. P. Lovecraft -- Massive in it's scope, this is a huge 472 Page Paperback Guide Book - Very Thorough and Inclusive - No Illustrations.

*NOTE: There is one flaw - Page 125 and Page 127 are the same - I read you can find the missing info on the publishers web-site.

New Falcon Press Publication - 2005 Stated First Edition - 472 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - Literary Criticism/ Bio/ Guide Book/ Collection/ Lexicon/ Catalog - PRICE: $20.00

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REBELS & DEVILS: The Psychology of Liberation - Edited by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.

REBELS & DEVILS: The Psychology of Liberation - Edited by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.

A Collection of Essays by some of the most talented, controversial and rebellious writers of all time. Some are very famous, and others are lesser known - Independent minds that think and act according to standards from within, not from without - to follow one's own path, not that of the masses. Every article and in every aspect of their lives, these contributors have but one focus - to bring freedom to their own worlds. These writers oppose authority and established conventions - in other words they are 'Rebels' - and when those in power recognize their disobedience, the 'Rebel' becomes the 'Devil'

With Contributions By:

William S. Burroughs // Timothy Leary // Robert Anton Wilson // Austin Osman Spare // Aleister Crowley // Israel Regardie // Jack Parsons // James Wasserman // Osho Rajneesh // Peter J. Carroll // Genesis P. Orridge // Phil Hine // Lon Milo DuQuette -- and many others....

New Falcon Publications - 2008 Edition - 428 Page Paperback - B&W Illustrations - Counter Culture/ Occult/ Anthology/ Collection/ Essays/ Rebellion/ Esoteric/ Revolution/ Satan/ Anarchy - PRICE: $20.00

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Amok Books / Creation Books / Feral House / Vintage Pulps / Sci-Fi / Mystery / Occult / Erotica / Paranormal / UFOs / True Crime / Fiction & Novels / Cult Films / Politics & Control / Anarchy / Exotica / Surrealism & Art / Drugs / Mind Control / Crowley / H.P. Lovecraft / George Bataille / Philip Jose Farmer / J.G. Ballard / Marquis de Sade / Nietzsche / Artaud / Philip K. Dick / J.K. Huysmans / LaVey / Esoteric / Mayhem....

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HAMMER OF THE GODS: Apocalyptic Texts For the Criminally Insane - By Friedrich Nietzsche

HAMMER OF THE GODS: Apocalyptic Texts For the Criminally Insane

By Friedrich Nietzsche

This book focuses on Nietzsche's most prophetic, futuristic and apocalyptic philosophies and traces them through the last century. This radical translation reveals Nietzsche as the only true guide to the current madness of society which he was to predict over a century ago. Nietzsche as a philosopher against society, church, state and the 'herd' - he is a philosopher with a HAMMER !!

Contents Include: Ecstasy / War / Deicide / Nihilism / Chance / Anti-Christ / Ubermensch / Chaos / Masks / Suicide / Will To Power / Eternal Return / Pain / Negation / Iconoclasm etc...

Creation Books 2002 Edition - 240 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - Classic Literature / Philosophy - Price: $14.00

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PSYCHOPATHIA SEXUALIS: The Case Histories - By Richard von Krafft-Ebing


By Richard von Krafft-Ebing

Lustmurder, Necrophilia, Pederasty, Coprophilia, Fetishism, Bestiality, Transvestism, Transexuality, Self-Mutilation, Sado-Masochism, Exhibitionism;

All these and numerous other psycho-sexual disorders are detailed in the 237 case histories that make up this book - the legendary PSYCHOPATHIA SEXUALIS.

Unavailable for years, this landmark text on the early study of sexual mania and deviancy is presented in this current version - highlighting the cases chosen by Krafft-Ebing himself to appear in the 12th and final edition of the book, the culmination of his life's work compiled shortly before his death. Originally published in 1886 it was first to use the terms 'sadism' & 'masochism'.

An essential reference book on early medical and psychiatric diagnosis of sexual derangement and deviation - from well known cases like Jack the Ripper to the most obscure and extreme instances of perversion and sexual behavior known to psychiatrists and criminologists at the time.

Creation Books - 251 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - **ADULT CONTENT** - Price: $14.00

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THE CARNIVALS OF LIFE AND DEATH: My Profane Youth 1913-1935 - by James Shelby Downard

My Profane Youth 1913-1935
By James Shelby Downard

“The most absurd, the most incredible, the most ridiculous Illuminati theory of them all.”
— Robert Anton Wilson, author of The Illuminatus! Trilogy

James Shelby Downard just might be the most controversial conspiracy theorist of the 20th century -- In his essay “ King-Kill 33° ” Downard has notoriously laid out the involvement of Freemasonry in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy -- 'The Carnivals of Life and Death' is Downard’s autobiographical account of his early years in the deep South, when Ku Klux Klansmen and Freemasons, pulled him into many strange and violent affairs.

Downard does furious battle with both factions and many others. 'Hoodwinked' and set up time and time again, he narrowly escapes numerous attempts on his life. All the while the continuous message of importance seems to be 'nothing is as it seems'.

Adam Parfrey, who introduced Downard to readers in his Apocalypse Culture book compilations, provides the Foreword, based on his personal experiences with the reclusive and now-deceased conspiracy theorist. A real roller-coaster ride of a read !


Masonry and the Downardian Nightmare: Foreword by Adam Parfrey

Long Introduction by James Shelby Downard:

Sorcerers and Specters
Of Cowans and Coffins
The Elus and Their Sub-Contractors
Of Sheep and Goats
The Sorcery of Computerized Mind Control
Seeing Past and Future Through a Teardrop
Mesmeric and Magnetic Masonry
The City of the Dreadful Night
Corpus Mysticum of the Past



Chapter 1: The Littlest Bootlegger - 1918
Chapter 2: My Little Alice Blue Gown and Golems - 1918
Chapter 3: The Magical Mystery Tour - 1919
Chapter 4: The Land of Enchantment - 1920
Chapter 5: Little Dixie - 1921-1922
Chapter 6: The Blue Front Cafe on Bloody Elm - 1922
Chapter 7: The Snake Charmer and the Three Assassins - 1923
Chapter 8: My First Gun - 1924
Chapter 9: Cagliostro's Treasure House - 1925
Chapter 10: Re-Tramatization and Radiesthesia - 1925
Chapter 11: Monster Manby and the Switcheroo - 1925
Chapter 12: The Quarry - 1926
Chapter 13: Pipelines and Tunnels - 1926
Chapter 14: Military Complicity in Conspiracies of Silence - 1929
Chapter 15: 'Deja Vu' - 1930
Chapter 16: Into the Tomb - 1931
Chapter 17: Dayton Witch & the State Dept's Black Chamber - 1931
Chapter 18: FDR and the Million Dollar Check - 1931
Chapter 19: Procter Takes A Gamble - 1931
Chapter 20: 'Uncle Brad' - 1931
Chapter 21: Graduation - 1932
Chapter 22: Mr. Zangara - 1933
Chapter 23: The Hanged Man - 1933
Chapter 24: The Military Vendetta - 1933
Chapter 25: Immortals and Illuminati - 1933
Chapter 26: Immortals and Familia - 1933
Chapter 27: Mind Molestation - 1933
Chapter 28: Masonic Sex Circuses - 1934
Chapter 29: Soul Money and Treasure Troves - 1934
Chapter 30: The Eastern Temple - 1934
Chapter 31: Colonel Bunker the Handler -1934
Chapter 32: 'Wild Bill' Donovan's OSS Baker Street Irregulars - 1934
Chapter 33: Of Prophecy and Highbrow Deceit - 1934
Chapter 34: The Chicken Caper - 1934-1935

"Because the dead and deadening scenery of the American city of dreadful night is so utterly devoid of mystery, so thoroughly flat-footed, sterile and infantile, so burdened with the illusory gloss of 'baseball-hot dogs-apple pie and Chevrolet' that it is somehow outside the psycho-sexual domain. The eternal pagan psychodrama is escalated under these 'modern' conditions precisely because sorcery is not what twentieth century man can accept as real." --- James Shelby Downard from his essay: " King Kill 33* "

Feral House Books - 280 page paperback - Few B&W Illustrations - Cover Art by Danger (me) - Price: $15.00

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James Shelby Downard:

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Amok Books / Creation Books / Feral House / Vintage Pulps / Sci-Fi / Mystery / Occult / Erotica / Paranormal / UFOs / True Crime / Fiction & Novels / Cult Films / Politics & Control / Anarchy / Exotica / Surrealism & Dada / Art / Drugs / Mind Control / Conspiracy / Crowley / H.P. Lovecraft / George Bataille / Philip Jose Farmer / J.G. Ballard / Marquis de Sade / Nietzsche / Artaud / Philip K. Dick / J.K. Huysmans / Robert Anton Wilson / Esoteric / Mayhem....

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THE BAVARIAN ILLUMINATI IN AMERICA: The New England Conspiracy Scare of 1798 - by Vernon Stauffer

THE BAVARIAN ILLUMINATI IN AMERICA: The New England Conspiracy Scare, 1798
By Vernon Stauffer

An unabridged republication of the 1918 book: 'New England and the Bavarian Illuminati' - The book chronicles the rise and spread of the Bavarian Order of Illuminati - deciphering the unstable political, social, and religious atmosphere that prevailed at the time, allowing the Illuminati to take root in the United States.

Stauffer explains the state of American politics and religion before and after the American Revolution and recounts the real history of the Illuminati. He reveals how knowledge of the secret organization reached America and from the first announcement of the existence of the Illuminati - the conspiracy is traced in detail.

Dover Books Publication - 374 Page Paperback - PRICE: $12.00

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THE BLOODY COUNTESS: Atrocities of Erzsebet Bathory: By Valentine Penrose /Translation Alexander Trocchi

THE BLOODY COUNTESS: Atrocities of Erzsebet Bathory

By Valentine Penrose - Translated by Alexander Trocchi

Descended from an ancient aristocratic European family, Erzsebet Bathory bore all the psychotic characteristics of centuries of inner family breeding. From early adolescence she indulged in sadistic lesbian fantasies - where only the spilling of others female blood could satisfy her urges.

By middle age, she had regressed into a mirror fixated state and was practicing necro-sadism, torture, cannibalism, vampirism, wholesale slaughter, blood bathing and witchcraft. These years, in the late 16th century, would witness a reign of cruelty unsurpassed in the history of mass murder, with an estimated 650 deaths attributed to the 'Bloody Countess'.

Her many castles were all equipped with torture chambers where she would torture and mutilate her many victims - virtual killing factories where hundreds of girls were killed and processed - the Countess would bath in their virgin blood - believing it would preserve her youth and beauty.

Creation Books 2000 Edition - 154 Page Paperback - One b&w Illustration of the Countess - History / Crime / Decadence / Torture - Price: $12.00

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AMOK JOURNAL: Sensurround Edition - Edited by Stuart Swezey

AMOK JOURNAL: Sensurround Edition Edited by Stuart Swezey

Amok Journal: A compendium of psycho-physiological investigations compiled from the furthest reaches of forensic medicine, sexology, psychiatry, anthropology and hard science research. The focus of this compilation is the pursuit of a neurobiological basis for mystical and ecstatic experience.

The Amok Journal: Sensurround Edition brings together accounts of the search for the erotic in the mechanical, the sublime in the visceral, and the spiritual in the electromagnetic, from explorations of the subtle effects of infrasound to death-defying grasps at the ultimate orgasm. The field of inquiry is the prodigious psychic démi-monde of hallucination, schizophrenia, religious fervor, ecstatic possession, sexual obsession, mass hysteria, and private ritual, as documented by the rational methodology of science. Heavily and graphically illustrated.

Topics include:

•Auto-erotic fatalities
•Self-mutilation/amputee fetish
•Infrasound/low frequency noise
•Mondo Film
•Cargo Cults
•N.S.K./Laibach/totalitarian art

“It belongs alongside Krafft-Ebbing’s Psychopathia Sexualis and Bataille’s Erotism: Death and Sensuality in any well-appointed library of the unusual.” — Bay Guardian

AMOK BOOKS - 488 Page Paperback · Heavily Illustrated b&w - EXTREME ADULT CONTENT ! - Price: $20.00

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AMOK JOURNAL: Auto-Erotic Fatalities Section (self-inflicted)

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TOKYO SEX UNDERGROUND: Fetish Photography by Romain Slocombe

TOKYO SEX UNDERGROUND: Black and White Fetish Photography Book
By Romain Slocombe

Introduction by Jack Sargeant

Sex clubs, hostess bars, love hotels, soap parlours, fetish parties, stage shows and porno factories; all across Tokyo a thriving sex industry is populated with beautiful, enigmatic young women.

Photographer Romain Slocombe, a frequent visitor to japan, has documented many aspects of this scene and its participants - rope masters, bondage models, porn actresses, prostitutes and party girls are randomly photographed at work, play or otherwise - some are posed, others aren't even aware they are being photographed.

This provocative selection of Slocombe's photo images provides us with a glimpse of erotic Japanese culture by a European 'outsider'.

Medical Fetish, Bondage, Nurses, Schoolgirls, Erotica, Tattoos etc...

Slocombe Thanks, Trevor Brown, Master Horiwaka, Hisashi Kanai, Ryoichi Maeda, Nawashi Murakawa, Yuka Nakamori, Takao Nakano, Yamoto Noda, Master Chimuo Nureki, Makoto Ohrui, Fumihiko 'Goldman' Takeuchi and many other important players in Japan's sex, porn and bondage community - Over 90 black & white photos - At back of the book are captions describing each photo.

Creation Books 2000 Edition - No Page Count - Large Format Paperback - Black & White Fetish Photography - ADULT MATERIAL - Price: $20.00

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THE SEED: Unusual Science Fiction Novel - by Davide De Angelis

THE SEED: Science Fiction Novel
By Davide De Angelis

Erotic and spell-binding prose streaming through realms of phenomenal danger and vibrant beauty - exhilarating layers of adventure, myth and philosophy enriched with eye opening metaphysics - science fiction filled with the incandescence of dreams.

The Dreamweaver - Storyteller, Soundshaper and cult figure to millions, journeys deep into the realm of dreams to retrieve a powerful, healing story from Sunixlan, the Dream-Shaman - but to his horror he learns the Shaman has been destroyed and replaced by a dark, intoxicating Sorceress named Talis. She promises to teach him the mind-altering language of the Sirens but he must first embark on a deadly mission for the mysterious enchantress.

"De Angelis' prose is vital, weird and as devious as his image making, Enthralling!" --- David Bowie

Creation Books - 192 Page Paperback - Science Fiction/ Novel - Price: $12.00

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I LOVE LORD BUDDHA: Manga Style Fiction - by Hillary Raphael


Manga Style Novel by Hillary Raphael

This, her first novel, is being called by some the future of literature - and by others a post-erotic revolution.

Set in late-90's Tokyo it tells the history of the Neo-Geisha Organization - a sex & death cult with an anti-consumerist, pro-hedonist, sub-Buddhist ideology - The cult is led by Hiyoko, a leggy westerner with a taste for Eastern philosophy and drug-fueled sex binges - her followers are curious young women with perfect bodies that have traveled thousands of miles to work in Tokyo's neon-lit network of underground hostess bars.

The novel is inspired by early Japanese literature, the AUM Subway-Gas Cult and the esoteric texts of Buddhism - reads like fetishistic techno cyber-manga.

Creation Books 2004 Edition - 187 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - Novel/Fiction/Manga - Price: $12.00

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EROS IN HELL: Sex, Blood and Madness in Japanese Cinema - by Jack Hunter

EROS IN HELL: Sex, Blood and Madness in Japanese Cinema
By Jack Hunter

SEX: The history of "pink" movies, from Daydream and Ai No Corrida to the pop avant-garde violence of Koji Wakamatsu and beyond: Violated Angels, The Embryo Hunts in Secret, Violent Virgin and many others. Bondage and S/M from Moju and Captured For Sex to Kinbiken rope torture. The New Wave pink films of Hisayasu Sato: The Bedroom, Naked Blood, Private Torture of Uniforms, Thrust It In! and tons more.

BLOOD: From Shogun Assassin and Psycho Junkie to the killing orgies of Guinea Pig and Atrocity: from the "pink horror" nightmare Entrails of a Virgin to the post-punk yakuza bloodbaths of Kei Fujiwara's Organ and Takashi Miike's Fudoh.

MADNESS: Homicidal psychosis, hallucination, mutation: Tetsuo, Death Powder, the films of Shozin Fukui: Pinocchio 964, Rubber's Love. Post-punk excess, nihilism, violence, suicide: Burst City, Labyrinth of Dreams, Squareworld, Tokyo Crash.

Eros in Hell examines all these movies and many more - it is heavily illustrated with rare and unusual photographs, and contains illuminating interviews - includes massive film index - very unique guide to the most prolific, fascinating and controversial underground cinema in the world.

Creation Books 2000 Edition - 221 Page Paperback - Many many black and white illustrations - Extreme ADULT Material - Price: $20.00

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From the Film: Embryo Hunts in Secret