Wednesday, December 21, 2011

VATHEK: Decadent Novel - by William Beckford Illustrated by Odilon Redon

VATHEK: By William Beckford

Classic Decadent Gothic Novel

VATHEK by WILLIAM BECKFORD still remains to be one of the most extreme examples of strange 18th Century English Literature ever - a crawling meditation on the vile transgressions of the deparaved - witches, demons, sacrifice, sexual excess and other spectral horrors mark the progress of Vathek, the ninth caliph of the Abassides - eternally addicted to women, glutony and all things extreme - on a pilgrimage to the underworld where sin and damnation flower into eternal torture. Highly unusual fiction with a mystical eastern flavor.

This edition is illustrated by the bizarre b&w lithographs of 19th century symbolist, ODILON REDON - Classic Gothic Decadent Literature first published in 1816 - it was acclaimed by authors ranging from Byron to H. P. Lovecraft.

"Vathek marches onward with a phantasmagoric pomp in which the laughter is that of skeletons feasting under arabesque domes. The descriptions are triumphs of weird coloring which raise the book to a permanent place in English letters."
-- H. P. Lovecraft

Creation Edition 2000 -123 Page Paperback - b&w illustrations by Odilon Redon / Decadent Novel / Literature / scarce book - Price: $20.00

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Sunday, December 18, 2011

VENUS IN PINK: Japanese Porn Starlets - Edited by Candice Black

VENUS IN PINK: Japanese Porn Starlets

Edited by Candice Black

Foreword by Romain Slocombe

Japanese Adult Films - known as "pink movies" - flourished in the 60s and 70s. VENUS IN PINK is a visual tribute to the girls who bared all in those countless erotic productions - Page after page of over 100 black and white photo film stills from a huge variety of "pink films" - Contains nudity and adult themes.

Nice Coffee Table Black and White Picture Book.

Creation Books 2002 Edition - No Page Numbering - Paperback - Many Black and White Photos - scarce book/out of print - ADULT MATERIAL! - PRICE: $20.00

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Saturday, December 10, 2011


DREAM MACHINE: by Brion Gysin - An Exhibition Guide

The ultimate hallucinogenic drug trip without the drugs !!

During his lifetime Brion Gysin (1916-1986) inspired an array of artists, writers, poets and musicians, most notably the Beat Generation. Since his death Gysin's own work has only increased in popularity, yet his radical approach to art defies categorization. Dream Machine is the first detailed study of Gysin's works in both art-historical and contemporary contexts. A devotee of invention, Gysin created paintings, drawings, photo-collages, installations, poetry and sound experiments. He produced the cut-up collage novel The Third Mind (1965) with William Burroughs, and with Ian Sommerville developed the Dreamachine (1961), a kinetic sculpture designed to induce visions by shining flickering light on the closed eyelids of the viewer - this produces wild colors and psychedelic patterns in the mind.... and if looked at for long periods of time, actual shapes, figures and other hallucinations can appear !!

This new book, features incisive texts, many photos and appreciations by contemporary artists, and captures the remarkable life of a daring, often overlooked artistic visionary genius.

New Museum, New York - With Laura Hoptman and Brion Gysin - 2010 Release - 192 Page Hardcover Book - Art/ Dream Machine - PRICE: $25.00 (New and Sealed Copies)

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Friday, December 9, 2011

ARKTOS: The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism and Nazi Survival - By Joscelyn Godwin

ARKTOS: The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism and Nazi Survival

By Joscelyn Godwin

ARKTOS, is a book written about the archetype of the Poles: Celestial and Terrestial, North and South. This engrossing book on cosmology, occultism, conspiracy theory, visionary insight, creative imagination and the lunatic fringe leads to startling revelations about the powerful secrets of the Poles and it's icebound realms.

Joscelyn Godwin investigates legends of the 'Golden Age' which some claim ended when a catastrophic prehistoric shift in the earth's axis occurred. The current axis tilt is examined as well as predictions of future axis/pole shifts. The fascination with these theories and ideas is shown to be part of a 'polar tradition' of hidden wisdom traced back to earliest times and resurfaces again and again over the decades.

Also studied are the many tales of an ancient race that lived in the Arctic regions and eventually spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere. This supposed 'Aryan Race' entered the mythology of Nazi Germany, and was also studied by the Theosophists and many ethnologists. The author examines the origins of modern day Neo-Nazi ideology, its 'polar' inspiration and its links to other arcana like, UFOs, the Hollow Earth Theory and the hidden worlds of Agartha and Shambhala. Arktos offers a scholarly, responsible treatment of these subjects and topics. Includes 27 B&W Illustrations.

Joscelyn Godwin is the author of many books on Esoterica.

Thames & Hudson Ltd. - 1993 English Edition - 260 Page Paperback - 27 B&W Illustrations - Occult/ Conspiracy/ Hollow Earth/ Nazi/ UFOs/ Polar Myths/ Aryan Race - PRICE: $15.00

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

SURREALISM & MODERNISM: From the Collection of the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art

SURREALISM and MODERNISM: From the Collection of the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art

Edited by Eric Zafran & Paul Paret

First ever survey of this museum's collection of excellent modern art - The Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art's remarkable collection of modern art is due to a succession of adventurous directors and curators. This book showcases the museums collection and provides fascinating details about how it was acquired. Richly Illustrated with the artworks in color and photos of the artists and their studios in black and white.

Many of the works - the surrealist paintings in particular - were bought directly from the artists or from their first exhibitions. The famed Atheneum director Chick Austin mounted the first Surrealist exhibition in America in 1931 and bought works from the then barely known Salvador Dali - works by de Chirico, Ernst, Matta, Tanguy and Calder soon followed. Then in 1934 the Atheneum had the first great American retrospective of Picasso and the museum bought a small neo-classical piece to add to its collection.

Later, Marini, Georgia O'Keefe, de Kooning, Jackson Pollack and many others works were added to provide a broad overview of artistic trends from the last century. An excellent book.

Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art w/ Yale University Press - 2005 Edition - 151 Page Hardcover - Richly Illustrated with the artworks in color and photos of the artists and their studios in black and white - PRICE: $30.00

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DARK STAR: The Satanic Rites of Gilles de Rais - by Various Authors

DARK STAR: The Satanic Rites of Gilles de Rais - by Various Authors

The spectre of Gilles de Rais the satanist child-killer, eclipses French history like a 'dark star'. A fallen general, once the champion of Joan of Arc, whose experimentations in cruelty led him through the very Gates of Hell.

His obscene crimes and decadent aristocratic glamour have created an enduring legend of mythic proportions. This collection of essays, quotations, excerpts and fiction from some of the most famous authors in recent centuries evoke a chilling portrait of one of the most sinister figures in the annals of European history and mass murder.

After Joan of Arc was captured, Gilles de Rais fled to the safety of his castles in France where he began a steady spiral downwards - one of his first murders was committed in the presence of the sadistic sorcerer Prelati - in Prelati's chambers in the castle - Gilles seized a young boy and slashed his throat - from that moment on he had found his one true passion in life - the torture and murder of children - and where ever he went, children would disappear, never to be seen again - the final number of his victims will never be known but some say it could be as high as 800 deaths....

Authors Include:

Georges Bataille
Blaise Cendrars
J.K. Huysmans
Valentine Penrose
Jean Genet
Marquis de Sade
Andre Breton
Arthur Rimbaud
Gustave Flaubert
Richard Thoma
James Havoc
Charles Perrault

and many others.....

Creation Books - 2005 Edition - 302 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - History/ True Crime/ Collection/ Satanic/ Mass Murder - PRICE: $15.00

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THE ROSICRUCIAN EMBLEMS OF DANIEL CRAMER - Hermetic / Alchemical Sybolism - Introduction by Adam McLean


This book is a significant and yet little-known work of emblematic philosophy published in 1617, only one year after the appearance of The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz which is believed to be one of the first original Rosicrucian manifestos.

The work consists of 40 emblematic plates, each bearing a title, together with a verse from the Bible and two lines in Latin. The plates revolve around the symbolism of the heart, which undergoes a variety of processes and experiences through a cycle of 40 stages.

Adam McLean, in his introduction and commentary, elucidates the history of the text and the nature of the symbolism. He convincingly argues that Cramer, a Protestant theologian, was consciously trying to produce a series of spiritual exercises for a Protestant, esoteric Christianity. McLean outlines a way to work with the emblems and their symbolism and suggests that "a work as profound and as simple as this can never die, but must always be a source of inspiration."

This book is a Rosicrucian item of great interest and will be valued by all students of emblematic philosophy and the Hermetic tradition. Heavily illustrated in B&W.

Adam McLean is a well known authority on Alchemical texts and symbolism. He is the editor and publisher of over 40 books on Alchemical and Hermetic ideas. Based in the UK, he has been writing and researching Alchemical and Hermetic literature for many years. Between 1978 and 1992, he edited the Hermetic Journal and began publishing the Magnum Opus Hermetic Sourceworks, including The Alchemical Mandala, The Magical Calendar, and Rosicrucian Emblems.

Phanes Press/Magnum Opus Hermetics Sourceworks 1991 Edition - 78 Page Paperback - Heavily Illustrated in B&W - PRICE: $12.00

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SUN RA: The Eternal Myth Revealed - Volume 1 - 14 x CD Set with 132 Page Book

SUN RA: THE ETERNAL MYTH REVEALED - The Story of a Universal Being and His Music - Covering the periods from 1914 to 1959 - Volume 1 - 14 x CD Box Set with 132 Page Book

Contains 16 hours and 54 minutes of rare material - with Sun Ra's autobiographical commentary and narration by producer and Sun Ra Music Archive Executive Director Michael Anderson - Tons of Music, Interviews and Narration - INCLUDES 132 page book with text and b&w illustrations and photos.

BOX SET Includes:

An Early History Examination // Sun Ra As An Arranger & Composer // Performing As A Sideman // As A Professional Vocal Coach // Mary Lou William's Piano // Organ & Arrangement Influences // Piano & Solovox Recordings // Solo Piano Recordings // Afro-Cuban Jazz Influence // The Pat Patrick Rehearsals // Early Arkestra Recordings // The Early Avant Garde Rehearsals // Sun Ra R&B Doo Wop Group Recordings // Popular 1950's R&B Doo Wop Recordings // Le Sony Ra Bop Quintet 'Live at Budland' 1956 // and much much more...........

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Transparency/ Sun Ra Music Archive Release - 2011 Edition - 14 x CD Box Set with 132 Page Paperback Book -- PRICE: $100.00

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MUSHROOMS, MYTH & MITHRAS: The Drug Cult That Civilized Europe

MUSHROOMS, MYTH & MITHRAS: The Drug Cult That Civilized Europe -- By Carl Ruck, Mark Hoffman and Jose Celdran

Anthropological evidence has long suggested that psychedelic plants had played important roles in indigenous communities for thousands of years, but most scholarship does not address their formative impact on western culture.

Through careful studies of art and archeology, Mushrooms, Myth & Mithras reveals compelling evidence that ritual use of psychoactive mushrooms was a powerful and closely guarded inspirational force in the development of early European culture.

We discover that Nero was the first in a long line of Roman emperors to be initiated by secret "magical dinners" in which mind-altering mushrooms were used as a source of spiritual awakening. Although this sect was officially banned after Roman conversion to Christianity, aspects of its practices and teachings went on to influence many secret societies, including the Freemasons. It is said that the 'Cult of the Mithras' still exists today in various forms.

Mushrooms, Myth & Mithras is a fascinating historical exploration of a powerful force kept hidden for thousands of years.

City Lights Books Publication - 2011 Edition - 290 Page Paperback - Many B&W and Color Illustrations - Mystery/ Drugs/ Mushrooms/ Psychoactive/ Anthropology/ Mycology/ History - PRICE: $20.00

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ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HELL : An Invasion Manual For Demons Concerning the Planet Earth and the Human Race Which Infests It -- Translated from the Demonic

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HELL : An Invasion Manual For Demons Concerning the Planet Earth and the Human Race Which Infests It

Translated from the Demonic by Martin Olson

Illustrations by Tony Millionaire and Mahendra Singh

WHY THE INVASION ?? Hell has become seriously over-crowded. Lord Satan requires more land mass for the Damned - So to facilitate his invasion of Earth, Lord Satan has written this oddly poetic Military Handbook for the edification of His Demon Invaders.

It includes many disturbing illustrations, diagrams, recipes and a comprehensive and utterly repulsive Dictionary of Earth terms with twisted definitions.

Martin Olson has achieved this preposterous literary feat which has been unaccomplished since Mark Twain and Ambrose Bierce - the channeling of the real voice of Satan !!

This is the 666th Commemorative Edition of 'The Encyclopedia of Hell' which contains a wealth of evil new material - This book is hilarious - believe it or not.....

Feral House Books Publication - 2011 Edition - 204 Page Paperback - Heavily Illustrated in B&W - Esoteric/ Occult/ Collection/ Anthology/ Encyclopedia/ Satanic/ Humor/ Comedy - PRICE $20.00

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SEX AND ROCKETS: The Occult World of Jack Parsons - by John Carter

SEX AND ROCKETS: The Occult World of Jack Parsons
By John Carter

Foreword by Robert Anton Wilson

The Mysterious Life and Death of Jack Parsons -- In his short 37 years, John Whiteside “Jack” Parsons embodied several different roles in one tormented but glorious life.

By day, Parsons’ unorthodox genius created a solid rocket fuel that helped the Allies win World War II and NASA send spacecraft to the moon. He was the co-founder of Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Aerojet Corporation, and a lunar crater on the dark side of the moon was named after Parsons.

By night, Parsons called himself 'The Antichrist' when he performed Aleister Crowley’s Thelemic rituals to try and create a new sort of human being that would finally destroy Christianity.

In a Pasadena mansion, the dark, handsome Parsons hosted soirees for the young emerging literature of science fiction, visited by writers such as Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, and none other than L. Ron Hubbard himself, who later founded the Church of Scientology.

With L. Ron Hubbard acting as his “Scribe”, Parsons enacted dark “Babylon” rituals to help foment a new occult age - but Jack Parsons dies suddenly in a huge, mysterious explosion that even today cannot be definitively explained. Was it murder ? Suicide ? Conspiracy ? Or just an accident?

Feral House Books - 239 page paperback - Illustrated - PRICE: $16.00

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FOAM OF THE DAZE - Absurd Novel / Bizarre Fiction by Boris Vian

FOAM OF THE DAZE (L'Ecume des Jours) - Novel/Fiction By Boris Vian

Boris Vian was an engineer, inventor, chronicler of jazz, trumpet player, poet, creator of spectacles and scandals, lyric writer, singer, novelist, and of course pataphysician.

Tam Tam Books publication of Boris Vian's masterpiece FOAM OF THE DAZE (L'Ecume des Jours) with a new translation by Brian Harper has the full approval of the Vian estate.

FOAM OF THE DAZE is a jazz fueled Science Fiction story that is both romantic and nihilistic! Vian's novel is an assortment of bittersweet romance, absurdity and the frailty of life. It is a nimble-fingered masterpiece that is witty and incredibly moving. IT IS THE STORY OF A WEALTHY YOUNG MAN, COLIN, AND THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE, CHLOE, WHO DEVELOPS A WATER LILY IN HER LUNG!

"The most heartbreakingly poignant modern love story ever written"
--- Raymond Queneau

"A kind of jazzy, cheerful, sexy, sci-fi mid 20th century Huysmans..."
--- Richard Hell

Tam Tam Books - 261 Page Paperback - Absurd Novel/Fiction - Price: $16.00

AUTUMN IN PEKING - Absurd Novel / Bizarre Fiction by Boris Vian

AUTUMN IN PEKING (L'Automne à Pékin)

Novel/Fiction By Boris Vian - Translated from French by Paul Knobloch

Introduction by Marc Lapprand

Boris Vian was a jack of all trades - he was a songwriter, playwright, singer, jazz critic, pataphysician and novelist, among other things. Vian's 1947 novel Autumn in Peking (L'Automne à Pékin) is perhaps his most slapstick work - which included an extra amount of despair in its exotic recipe for a violent cocktail.

The story takes place in the imaginary desert called Exopotamie where all the leading characters take part in the building of a train station with tracks that go nowhere. Houses and buildings are destroyed to build this unnecessary structure.

Exopotamie is a thinly disguised version of Paris, where after the war the city started changing its previous centuries of architecture into something more modern. Yes, something dull to take the place of what was once exciting and mysterious.

Vian, in a mixture of great humor and a huge amount of disgust, introduces various 'eccentric' characters in this 'desert' adventure, all of them in a world similar to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, where there is a tinge of darkness and anything is possible, except happiness.

Tam Tam Books - Paperback - Absurd Novel/Fiction - Price: $15.00

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THE LOVECRAFT LEXICON: A Reader's Guide to Persons, Places and Things in the Tales of H. P. Lovecraft - by Anthony Pearsall

THE LOVECRAFT LEXICON: A Reader's Guide to Persons, Places and Things in the Tales of H. P. Lovecraft - by Anthony Pearsall

Although he died in 1937, Howard Phillips Lovecraft's remarkable body of work lives on - including the classics 'The Dunwich Horror' and 'The Call of Cthulhu' his stories continue to astound and amaze a large and varied audience - with elements of Magic, Horror and Fantasy his worlds are very complex - filled with a daunting array of bizarre and obscure characters, creatures, monsters, caves, caverns, abysses things, places and recurring themes - quite a task for anyone to figure out.

So, Anthony Pearsall has done just that - From 'Abbadon' (the demon) to 'Zuro' (a river) The Lovecraft Lexicon is a definitive guide to this incredible universe with hundreds of meticulously researched entries - a catalog of persons, places and things mentioned through-out Lovecraft's vast writings - the first 25 pages are an accurate biography of H. P. Lovecraft -- Massive in it's scope, this is a huge 472 Page Paperback Guide Book - Very Thorough and Inclusive - No Illustrations.

*NOTE: There is one flaw - Page 125 and Page 127 are the same - I read you can find the missing info on the publishers web-site.

New Falcon Press Publication - 2005 Stated First Edition - 472 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - Literary Criticism/ Bio/ Guide Book/ Collection/ Lexicon/ Catalog - PRICE: $20.00

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REBELS & DEVILS: The Psychology of Liberation - Edited by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.

REBELS & DEVILS: The Psychology of Liberation - Edited by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.

A Collection of Essays by some of the most talented, controversial and rebellious writers of all time. Some are very famous, and others are lesser known - Independent minds that think and act according to standards from within, not from without - to follow one's own path, not that of the masses. Every article and in every aspect of their lives, these contributors have but one focus - to bring freedom to their own worlds. These writers oppose authority and established conventions - in other words they are 'Rebels' - and when those in power recognize their disobedience, the 'Rebel' becomes the 'Devil'

With Contributions By:

William S. Burroughs // Timothy Leary // Robert Anton Wilson // Austin Osman Spare // Aleister Crowley // Israel Regardie // Jack Parsons // James Wasserman // Osho Rajneesh // Peter J. Carroll // Genesis P. Orridge // Phil Hine // Lon Milo DuQuette -- and many others....

New Falcon Publications - 2008 Edition - 428 Page Paperback - B&W Illustrations - Counter Culture/ Occult/ Anthology/ Collection/ Essays/ Rebellion/ Esoteric/ Revolution/ Satan/ Anarchy - PRICE: $20.00

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Amok Books / Creation Books / Feral House / Vintage Pulps / Sci-Fi / Mystery / Occult / Erotica / Paranormal / UFOs / True Crime / Fiction & Novels / Cult Films / Politics & Control / Anarchy / Exotica / Surrealism & Art / Drugs / Mind Control / Crowley / H.P. Lovecraft / George Bataille / Philip Jose Farmer / J.G. Ballard / Marquis de Sade / Nietzsche / Artaud / Philip K. Dick / J.K. Huysmans / LaVey / Esoteric / Mayhem....

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BLORP ESETTE: Collector's Edition - 4x C.D. Set - by The Los Angeles Free Music Society (L.A.F.M.S.)

BLORP ESETTE: Collector's Edition - 70 Tracks - 4 x C.D. Set - by The Los Angeles Free Music Society (L.A.F.M.S.)

Reissued and Remastered Legendary 70 Track Four (4x) C.D. Set with 32 Page Booklet

Includes Cover Art and Artworks by DON VAN VLIET (Capt. Beefheart)

One RARE 'CHRISTIAN DEATH' Track included

Remastered in June 2011 by Ju Suk Reet Meate

Crazy, Noisy, Disturbing, Unlistenable, Art Brut, Damaged, Experimental 'Music' ??

Includes Tracks by:

Disc One:

Dr. Odd // Electric Willy // Daniel Stewart // Cheezit Ritz // Reet-Craig // Smegma // Mr. Foon // The Patients // Wolf Loop // The Professor // DK Reet Meat // Le Forte Four // Gods of the Pits // Smegma // Ace // Ju Suk Reet Meate // Mr. Foon's Bandaloon // Frank Bedal // Gage Kenady // Ace Farren Ford // Ed Berger // Smegma // The Reverend Toad Eater // Electric Willy Trio // The Di-De-Dos

Disc Two:

Bix Flent & Stoning Dead Dolphins // Ace & Duce // Amy DeWolfe // Rick Potts // Doo-Dooettes // Larry Fischer & Smegma // Patrick Dutchboy Lubotamy // Henry Kaiser // Reet-Craig // Mr. Foon // Electric Willy Trio // Larry Fischer & Smegma // Dennis Duck // Joe Potts // Smegma & Harry Halibut // Electric Willy Trio // Reverend Toad Eater // Reverend Toad Eater // Los Grifos Band & Ju Suk Reet Meate // The Patients // Chip Chapman // Sucme of the Spud // Ace & Duck // The Child Molesters // Charles Wasserburg

Disc Three:

Frank Rietta & Jimmy Belton // Ace AOS // Jerry Bishop // Smegma // Ark Welding & Ace Farren Ford // Mr. Foon // Hurtin' Bros. // Dr. ID // Lance Growler Richard Snyder // Smegma // Ace Farren Ford // Alcool Mike Russel // Electric Bill Trio // Nopar King // Smegma // Hurtin' Bros. // Christian Death // South Pasadena Free Music Ensemble // South Pasadena Free Music Ensemble // South Pasadena Free Music Ensemble // Lance Growler Richard Snyder // Gage Kenady // Frank & Phil Rietta

Disc Four:

Doo-Dooettes // The Los Angeles Free Music Society Marching Band (8 Tracks Recorded Live at the Pasadena Doo-Dah Parade 1978) // Ju Suk Reet Meate // Electric Bill // Ace AOS // Reverend Marty Nation // Quanternium // Anne Harney

Transparency 2011 Release - 70 Tracks - 4 CD Set w/ 32 Page Booklet - PRICE: $30.00

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Thursday, September 1, 2011


LIVIN' FEAR OF JAMES LAST or... JOY IN THE HOUSE OF DADA... (Double - 2 x CD Set) - by NURSE WITH WOUND (Band) - A Variety Pack Collection of Hits

A NURSE WITH WOUND Variety Pack - 'Best of' collection of Nurse With Wound songs compiled by Steven Stapleton himself - Stapleton is the head 'nurse' and the original member of the surreallistic, dada, experimental, ever-changing band - Nurse With Wound... the band is Steven Stapleton and a cast of helping band members that is different on each release.

This CD is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in NWW but does not already know their work - it is a two disc set with songs from all of the various styles and periods of NWW music - over a period of several years from the 80s to current times - this CD touches on older and newer works - from surrealistic spoken word stories and non-structured experimental dadaistic sound-scapes to actual structured songs that 'rock'.

Included is an excellent cover of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention's tune 'Trouble Comin' Everyday' from the first album 'Freak Out' - although this song was written by Zappa in '65/ '66 the lyrics couldn't be more current - and the NWW version is amazing - also included is the hard rocking track 'Two Shaves and a Shine' - a song from the NWW album 'An Awkward Pause' - with David Tibet on vocals ( from 'Current 93' ) - in my opinion this is David Tibet's best vocal track ever - incredible lyrics and delivery - also includes the spoken word / story track titled 'A New Dress' - a hilarious story about an abusive girlfriend. Some of the most bizarre 'art music' ever.

This double CD set is a great starting point to familiarize oneself with Nurse With Wound's work - and if you are a fan already it is still a great CD to add to your collection. A diverse cross-section of work. Cover Art as usual by Babs Santini.

Track Listing:

Disc One:
Six Buttons of Sex Appeal
Dirty Fingernails
Stick That Chick and Feel My Steel Through Your Last Meal
Subterranean Zappa Blues (Trouble Comin' Everyday)
Ag Canadh Thuas Sa Speir
Die, Flip or Go To India
The Strange Play of the Mouth

Disc Two:
Optical Illusion Pad
Sea Armchair
A Piece of the Sky is Missing
Home Is Where the Heart Is / Monument For Perez Prado
A New Dress
Yagga Blues
Two Shaves and a Shine
Rock 'n Roll Station
I Was No Longer His Dominant (Remix)

Castle/ Sanctuary Music Release - February 2005 - Double/ 2 x CD Set - NEW CDs /Still Sealed - PRICE: $15.00

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

HAMMER OF THE GODS: Apocalyptic Texts For the Criminally Insane - By Friedrich Nietzsche

HAMMER OF THE GODS: Apocalyptic Texts For the Criminally Insane

By Friedrich Nietzsche

This book focuses on Nietzsche's most prophetic, futuristic and apocalyptic philosophies and traces them through the last century. This radical translation reveals Nietzsche as the only true guide to the current madness of society which he was to predict over a century ago. Nietzsche as a philosopher against society, church, state and the 'herd' - he is a philosopher with a HAMMER !!

Contents Include: Ecstasy / War / Deicide / Nihilism / Chance / Anti-Christ / Ubermensch / Chaos / Masks / Suicide / Will To Power / Eternal Return / Pain / Negation / Iconoclasm etc...

Creation Books 2002 Edition - 240 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - Classic Literature / Philosophy - Price: $14.00

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

PSYCHOPATHIA SEXUALIS: The Case Histories - By Richard von Krafft-Ebing


By Richard von Krafft-Ebing

Lustmurder, Necrophilia, Pederasty, Coprophilia, Fetishism, Bestiality, Transvestism, Transexuality, Self-Mutilation, Sado-Masochism, Exhibitionism;

All these and numerous other psycho-sexual disorders are detailed in the 237 case histories that make up this book - the legendary PSYCHOPATHIA SEXUALIS.

Unavailable for years, this landmark text on the early study of sexual mania and deviancy is presented in this current version - highlighting the cases chosen by Krafft-Ebing himself to appear in the 12th and final edition of the book, the culmination of his life's work compiled shortly before his death. Originally published in 1886 it was first to use the terms 'sadism' & 'masochism'.

An essential reference book on early medical and psychiatric diagnosis of sexual derangement and deviation - from well known cases like Jack the Ripper to the most obscure and extreme instances of perversion and sexual behavior known to psychiatrists and criminologists at the time.

Creation Books - 251 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - **ADULT CONTENT** - Price: $14.00

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ENOCHIAN WORLD of Aleister Crowley : Enochian Sex Magick - by Aleister Crowley

Crowley's work was the launching pad for all others that followed, it was originally published in 1912 and lifted the veil on the Inner Order of the Golden Dawn and revealed for the first time the instructions that bridge the gap between the material and the spiritual worlds by the use of Enochian Sex Magick.

Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) was one of this century's most profound students of Yoga, Qabalah and Magick and is recognized as being the first Westerner to give initiation ritual a truly scientific methodology.

Don Milo DuQuette and Christopher Hyatt, Ph.D - bring forty years of experience in the esoteric field of study to help show the student how they can use this powerful, yet often misunderstood, system of Magick immediately.

New Falcon Publication - 2006 Edition - Sixth Printing - 162 Page Paperback - Few b&w Illustrations - Esoterica/ Religion/ Enochian/ Egyptian/ Sex Study/ Ritual/ Initiation - PRICE: $20.00

Friday, July 22, 2011

LOVE SEX FEAR DEATH: The Inside Story of the Process Church of the Final Judgement

LOVE SEX FEAR DEATH: The Inside Story of the Process Church of the Final Judgement

By Timothy Wylie

Edited by Adam Parfrey

The Process Church of the Final Judgement was the apocalyptic shadow side of the flower-powered 60's and perhaps the most notorious cult of modern times.

Scores of black-cloaked devotees swept the streets of New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, New Orleans, Toronto, London, Paris, Rome and other cities selling the Process magazines with titles like; Sex, Fear, Love and Death.

The Process theology brought on accusations of sinister conspiracies.

Personalities like Marianne Faithfull, Mick Jagger and George Clinton participated in Process publications, and the band Funkedelic reproduced Process material in two of their albums.

This book - written by original Process Church member Timothy Wyllie ( who met Robert de Grimston in college ) - is the first book to provide the astonishing inside story of this fascinating group and the mysterious people at its center - Robert de Grimston, Mary Ann MacLean and a host of others.

Included are never before-seen-photographs and reproductions from various rare Process publications.

"I continue to believe that The Process was one of the most creative movements of the twentieth century......"
--- William S. Bainbridge - author

Feral House Book - Published 2009 - Many illustrations in black and white and color - 302 Page Paperback - Price: $24.00

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PROGRESSIVE LYCANTHROPY: Cassette and Booklet - The Soothing Sounds of the Feriliminal Lycanthropizer w/ an Explanation

PROGRESSIVE LYCANTHROPY: Cassette Tape and Booklet -- Explanations & Sounds of the Feraliminal Lycanthropizer

Composed / Edited / Mixed by Thomas Bey William Bailey @ High Plains Driftworks, summer 2007

Cassette track listing:

Phase 1 (Irritation)
Phase 2 (Offense)
Phase 3 (Wrath)

Total running time approx. 33 minutes

Feral means wild and untamed - Lycanthropy means having to do with wolves...

The 'Progressive Lycanthropy' package includes one professionally duplicated cassette and a handsome information booklet, in which Thomas Bey William Bailey explains his motivations in an exclusive essay “A Weapon For The Wolf Age” - with history, descriptions and various details about wolves and wolf-like behavior.

The three epic pieces on the cassette were built up from the drones of a “feraliminal lycanthropizer” which is a low frequency generating device that gives off sounds and frequencies too low to hear with the human ear - these 'sounds' are more 'felt' than 'heard' - it is described as an 'experimental binaural frequency generator' and was supposedly used by the military as an 'audio truth serum' or as a 'combat stimulant' - as the name suggests, this audio technique was meant to hurl individuals into 'wolf-like' states where they would careen between poles of focused rage and woozy ecstasy.

Complemented with other sonic ornamentation and digitally-manipulated samples, this material is an eerie interpretation of the ‘lycanthropized’ state as it might exist in a hyper-modern, technology-driven society.

Conducted in the spirit of the d.i.y. audio research that characterized the ‘industrial music’ era, this material should have a wide range of effects on individual listeners, from restlessness to wild abandon, and comes complete with a disclaimer stating: "do not play while experiencing high stress levels or while engaged in potentially dangerous activities" (driving motor vehicles, handling firearms, etc.)

If you have ever wanted to travel to a world where fur and fangs mesh with integrated circuits to form an invincible hybrid, here is your ticket. BRUTAL INDUSTRIAL NOISE!!

Each copy includes:

Professionally printed 22-page booklet on Lycanthropy
Cover: Black & Silver printing on 260gsm art card

Professionally duplicated & factory sealed cassette tape w/ Black and Silver cover art

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