Saturday, January 29, 2011

TOKYO SEX UNDERGROUND: Fetish Photography by Romain Slocombe

TOKYO SEX UNDERGROUND: Black and White Fetish Photography Book
By Romain Slocombe

Introduction by Jack Sargeant

Sex clubs, hostess bars, love hotels, soap parlours, fetish parties, stage shows and porno factories; all across Tokyo a thriving sex industry is populated with beautiful, enigmatic young women.

Photographer Romain Slocombe, a frequent visitor to japan, has documented many aspects of this scene and its participants - rope masters, bondage models, porn actresses, prostitutes and party girls are randomly photographed at work, play or otherwise - some are posed, others aren't even aware they are being photographed.

This provocative selection of Slocombe's photo images provides us with a glimpse of erotic Japanese culture by a European 'outsider'.

Medical Fetish, Bondage, Nurses, Schoolgirls, Erotica, Tattoos etc...

Slocombe Thanks, Trevor Brown, Master Horiwaka, Hisashi Kanai, Ryoichi Maeda, Nawashi Murakawa, Yuka Nakamori, Takao Nakano, Yamoto Noda, Master Chimuo Nureki, Makoto Ohrui, Fumihiko 'Goldman' Takeuchi and many other important players in Japan's sex, porn and bondage community - Over 90 black & white photos - At back of the book are captions describing each photo.

Creation Books 2000 Edition - No Page Count - Large Format Paperback - Black & White Fetish Photography - ADULT MATERIAL - Price: $20.00

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THE SEED: Unusual Science Fiction Novel - by Davide De Angelis

THE SEED: Science Fiction Novel
By Davide De Angelis

Erotic and spell-binding prose streaming through realms of phenomenal danger and vibrant beauty - exhilarating layers of adventure, myth and philosophy enriched with eye opening metaphysics - science fiction filled with the incandescence of dreams.

The Dreamweaver - Storyteller, Soundshaper and cult figure to millions, journeys deep into the realm of dreams to retrieve a powerful, healing story from Sunixlan, the Dream-Shaman - but to his horror he learns the Shaman has been destroyed and replaced by a dark, intoxicating Sorceress named Talis. She promises to teach him the mind-altering language of the Sirens but he must first embark on a deadly mission for the mysterious enchantress.

"De Angelis' prose is vital, weird and as devious as his image making, Enthralling!" --- David Bowie

Creation Books - 192 Page Paperback - Science Fiction/ Novel - Price: $12.00

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I LOVE LORD BUDDHA: Manga Style Fiction - by Hillary Raphael


Manga Style Novel by Hillary Raphael

This, her first novel, is being called by some the future of literature - and by others a post-erotic revolution.

Set in late-90's Tokyo it tells the history of the Neo-Geisha Organization - a sex & death cult with an anti-consumerist, pro-hedonist, sub-Buddhist ideology - The cult is led by Hiyoko, a leggy westerner with a taste for Eastern philosophy and drug-fueled sex binges - her followers are curious young women with perfect bodies that have traveled thousands of miles to work in Tokyo's neon-lit network of underground hostess bars.

The novel is inspired by early Japanese literature, the AUM Subway-Gas Cult and the esoteric texts of Buddhism - reads like fetishistic techno cyber-manga.

Creation Books 2004 Edition - 187 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - Novel/Fiction/Manga - Price: $12.00

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

EROS IN HELL: Sex, Blood and Madness in Japanese Cinema - by Jack Hunter

EROS IN HELL: Sex, Blood and Madness in Japanese Cinema
By Jack Hunter

SEX: The history of "pink" movies, from Daydream and Ai No Corrida to the pop avant-garde violence of Koji Wakamatsu and beyond: Violated Angels, The Embryo Hunts in Secret, Violent Virgin and many others. Bondage and S/M from Moju and Captured For Sex to Kinbiken rope torture. The New Wave pink films of Hisayasu Sato: The Bedroom, Naked Blood, Private Torture of Uniforms, Thrust It In! and tons more.

BLOOD: From Shogun Assassin and Psycho Junkie to the killing orgies of Guinea Pig and Atrocity: from the "pink horror" nightmare Entrails of a Virgin to the post-punk yakuza bloodbaths of Kei Fujiwara's Organ and Takashi Miike's Fudoh.

MADNESS: Homicidal psychosis, hallucination, mutation: Tetsuo, Death Powder, the films of Shozin Fukui: Pinocchio 964, Rubber's Love. Post-punk excess, nihilism, violence, suicide: Burst City, Labyrinth of Dreams, Squareworld, Tokyo Crash.

Eros in Hell examines all these movies and many more - it is heavily illustrated with rare and unusual photographs, and contains illuminating interviews - includes massive film index - very unique guide to the most prolific, fascinating and controversial underground cinema in the world.

Creation Books 2000 Edition - 221 Page Paperback - Many many black and white illustrations - Extreme ADULT Material - Price: $20.00

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From the Film: Embryo Hunts in Secret