Monday, October 22, 2012

LIPS HIPS TITS and POWER: The Films of RUSS MEYER - by Doyle Greene

By Doyle Greene

Russ Meyer is the breast-fixated film maker who started as a nudie pin-up photographer and eventually became one of the best known sexplotation / B-film legends of all time. Meyer's 1960s films include: Mudhoney, Motorpsycho! and the legendary Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill, Kill !

This book examines Russ Meyer's entire oeuvre in detail with the serious analysis and critical commentary it deserves. Includes film index and many black and white photo movie stills of the 'buxom' women from his films - Tura Satana, Uschi Digard, Kitten Natividad, Haji, Erica Gavin and others. These books are out of print and scarce.

Creation Books 2004 Edition - 232 Page Paperback - Heavily Illustrated in b&w - **ADULT CONTENT** - Scarce Book - Price: $40.00

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EROS IN HELL: Sex, Blood and Madness in Japanese Cinema - by Jack Hunter

EROS IN HELL: Sex, Blood and Madness in Japanese Cinema

By Jack Hunter

SEX: The history of "pink" movies, from Daydream and Ai No Corrida to the pop avant-garde violence of Koji Wakamatsu and beyond: Violated Angels, The Embryo Hunts in Secret, Violent Virgin and many others. Bondage and S/M from Moju and Captured For Sex to Kinbiken rope torture. The New Wave pink films of Hisayasu Sato: The Bedroom, Naked Blood, Private Torture of Uniforms, Thrust It In! and tons more.

BLOOD: From Shogun Assassin and Psycho Junkie to the killing orgies of Guinea Pig and Atrocity: from the "pink horror" nightmare Entrails of a Virgin to the post-punk yakuza bloodbaths of Kei Fujiwara's Organ and Takashi Miike's Fudoh.

MADNESS: Homicidal psychosis, hallucination, mutation: Tetsuo, Death Powder, the films of Shozin Fukui: Pinocchio 964, Rubber's Love. Post-punk excess, nihilism, violence, suicide: Burst City, Labyrinth of Dreams, Squareworld, Tokyo Crash.

Eros in Hell examines all these movies and many more - it is heavily illustrated with rare and unusual photographs, and contains illuminating interviews - includes massive film index - very unique guide to the most prolific, fascinating and controversial underground cinema in the world.

Creation Books 2000 Edition - 221 Page Paperback - Many Black and White Illustrations - Extreme ADULT Material - Price: $20.00

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From the Film: Embryo Hunts in Secret

Friday, October 12, 2012

THE MAGICK OF ALEISTER CROWLEY: A Handbook of Rituals of Thelema

THE MAGICK OF ALEISTER CROWLEY: A Handbook of Rituals of Thelema

By Lon Milo DuQuette

Aleister Crowley was infamously known as 'The Great Beast 666' and 'The Wickedest Man in the World'... Unfortunately this infamy often eclipsed his teachings, as did his technical and opaque writing style, meant more for adepts contemporary to him than the average modern reader. In this book Lon Milo DuQuette deciphers and explains Crowley’s texts and his more important rituals.

'The Magick of Aleister Crowley' is a clear introduction to the works of Crowley by a modern master of the occult. DuQuette takes the mystery out of both the rituals themselves and Crowley’s writing in this modern grimoire. Step by step, he presents a course of study in plain English, with examples of rituals and explanations of their significance. DuQuette also includes a course of study for Crowley’s system of 'Scientific Illuminism' with an extensive bibliography and fastidious footnotes. This revised edition features extensive corrections, a new introduction, and a new chapter of rituals, "The Rites of Eleusis."

Samuel Weiser Books - 2003 Edition - 261 Page Paperback - B&W Illustrations - Esoteric/Occult/Thelema/Magick/Philosophy/Metaphysics/Ritual - PRICE: $15.00

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

THE BLOODY COUNTESS: Atrocities of Erzsebet Bathory: By Valentine Penrose / Translation by Alexander Trocchi

THE BLOODY COUNTESS: Atrocities of Erzsebet Bathory
By Valentine Penrose - Translated by Alexander Trocchi

Descended from an ancient aristocratic European family, Erzsebet Bathory bore all the psychotic characteristics of centuries of inner family breeding. From early adolescence she indulged in sadistic lesbian fantasies - where only the spilling of others female blood could satisfy her urges.

By middle age, she had regressed into a mirror fixated state and was practicing necro-sadism, torture, cannibalism, vampirism, wholesale slaughter, blood bathing and witchcraft. These years, in the late 16th century, would witness a reign of cruelty unsurpassed in the history of mass murder, with over 600 deaths alone attributed to the 'Bloody Countess'.

Her many castles were all equipped with torture chambers where she would torture and mutilate her victims - virtual killing factories where hundreds of girls were killed and processed - the Countess would bath in their virgin blood - believing it would preserve her youth and beauty.

Solar Books 2012 Edition - 154 Page Paperback - One b&w Illustration of the Countess - History / Crime / Decadence / Torture - Price: $12.00

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

PERDURABO: The Life of Aleister Crowley - by Richard Kaczynski

PERDURABO: The Life of Aleister Crowley - by Richard Kaczynski

The Definitive Biography of the Founder of Modern Magick - This book is being called by some the best biography of 'The Beast' Aleister Crowley yet written - It traces Aleister Crowley's remarkable journey from his birth as the only son of a wealthy preacher to his death in a boarding house as one of the most notorious men of his time.

Crowley was a tireless magician, prophet, poet, scholar and adventurer - he inspired generations of social and spiritual truth-seekers and shaped popular culture throughout the years with his philosophy of "Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole of The Law."

Based on twenty years of research which includes previously unpublished details and photographs, this revised and expanded edition of this biography about one of the most fascinating characters of the twentieth century is destined to become the definitive work on the subject. Kaczynsky takes an accessible and even-handed approach to this controversial figure.

"Richard Kaczynski's PERDURABO: The Life of Aleister Crowley is the one biography that is absolutely necessary for anyone who wishes to know more about one of the most creative, seminal and misunderstood figures of the last hundred years." --- David Tibet, Founder of 'Current 93' (the band)

North Atlantic Books - 2010 Revised and Expanded Edition - 705 Page Hardcover Book - Many B&W Illustrations - PRICE: $25.00

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

LORDS OF THE LEFT-HAND PATH: From the Cult of Set to the Church of Satan - by Stephen E. Flowers

LORDS OF THE LEFT-HAND PATH: From the Cult of Set to the Church of Satan

By Stephen E. Flowers, Ph. D.

'Terminus Viae'

The Left-Hand Path is the way of the HERO....
The path of those who, having understood their own individual divinities, would dare to breach the gates of eternity and eat of the tree of life eternal - to stand against the inertia and ignorance of the whole universe, to strive against that which would thwart all intelligence and life and to prevail against it - THIS is the aim of the Sinister Path.....

From black magic and Satanism to Gnostic sects and Gurdjieff’s Fourth Way, the left-hand path has been linked to many practices, cults, and individuals across the ages. Stephen Flowers, Ph.D., examines the methods, teachings, and historical role of the left-hand path, from its origins in Indian tantric philosophy to its underlying influence in current world affairs, and reveals which philosophers, magicians, and occult figures throughout history can truly be called “Lords of the Left-Hand Path.”

Flowers explains that while the right-hand path seeks union with and thus dependence on God, the left-hand path seeks a “higher law” based on knowledge and power. It is the way of self-empowerment and true freedom. Beginning with ancient Hindu and Buddhist sects and moving Westward, he examines many alleged left-hand path groups, including the Cult of Set, the Yezidi Devil Worshippers, the Assassins, the Neoplatonists, the Hell-Fire Club, the Bolsheviks, the Occult Nazis, and several heretical Sufi, Zoroastrian, Christian, and Muslim sects. Following a carefully crafted definition of a true adherent of the left-hand path based on two main principles--self-deification and challenge to the conventions of “good” and “evil".

The author analyzes many famous and infamous personalities, including H. P. Blavatsky, Faust, the Marquis de Sade, Austin Osman Spare, Aleister Crowley, Gerald Gardner, Anton LaVey, and Michael Aquino, and reveals which occult masters were Lords of the Left-Hand Path. Flowers shows that the left-hand path is not inherently evil but part of our heritage and our deep-seated desire to be free, independent, and in control of our destinies.

Inner Tradition Books - 2012 Edition - 500 Page Paperback - Few B&W Illustrations - Occult/ Esoterica/ Metaphysics/Left Hand Path/ Philosophy/ Satanic - PRICE: $24.00

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