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LOST HIGHWAYS: Illustrated History of 'Road Movies'

LOST HIGHWAYS: An Illustrated History of Road Movies

Edited by Jack Sargeant and Stephanie Watson

The Road Movie: a complex cinematic journey that incorporates mythic themes of questing, searching, adventure, being, love, a home and the promise of a better future - and also serves as a map of current cultural trends.

This book explores the history of the road movie through a series of detailed essays on key films in the genre - and through these studies a clear vision of the road movie appears.

From Apocalypse Now to Crash - from Easy Rider to The Wild Bunch and The Wizard of Oz, this is a comprehensive illustrated guide to a diverse body of films. Very good book.

Contents Include:

The Western / 'El Topo'
Pulp Noir on the Road
Biker Movies
Easy Rider
Two Lane Blacktop
Vanishing Point
The Antipodes / Australia & New Zealand
Horror on the Highway
Vampire Road Movies
Killer Couples
'Thelma & Louise'
Queens of the Road
Traveling Children
The Road as River
British Road Movies
Wim Wenders and the Road
David Lynch and the Road
The Road in Sci-Fi Film

Index of Films

Creation Books 1999 Edition - 288 Page Paperback - Many b&w Illustrations - Out of Print / Scarce Book - NEW Copy in Good Condition / not perfect but good - Some very slight shop wear to cover & a 1/4 inch scrape on spine - very small - otherwise clean and NEW - Film Study - Price: $20.00  

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