Friday, March 19, 2010

SUN RA - LIVE IN ROME - March 28th, 1980 - Double C.D. Set


This concert heavily features Sun Ra's piano, accompanied by vocals and very tasteful horn section. From solo blues and lounge on up to a soaring ten piece band. Sun Ra's arrangements span the entire history of music and far beyond, reaching into the future. This release is of such a high quality recording it sounds like a missing studio album.

A great document from the Sun Ra Arkestra recorded live at the Teatro Giulio Cesare in Rome, Italy in the spring of 1980, with Michael Ray, John Gilmore, Marshall Allen, Kenny Williams and Danny Ray Thompson on horns. June Tyson provides vocals, and the large set list includes Sun Ra classics like "Space is the Place", and "King Porter Stomp". An excellent example of the Sun Ra Arkestra's sound and performance.

Transparency C.D. Release, 2010 - 2 CD SET - Playing Time/Duration 111 minutes - PRICE: $18.00

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SUN RA ARKESTRA - THE ROAD TO DESTINY - Live at the Gibus - Paris, France October 18th 1973

SUN RA - THE ROAD TO DESTINY - Live at the Gibus - Paris, France October 18th, 1973

NEW Just Released !!!

The Lost Reel Collection Volume Six - Live at the Gibus - Paris, France - October 18th 1973 - This super rare recording (recorded on stage by the group drummer) went unheard for 37 years and was for the most part completely unknown - the center piece of the recording is a 28 minute vocal 'cosmo-drama' between Sun Ra and June Tyson - where they meet in outer space on the road to destiny and have a brilliant conversation while the Arkestra plays on continuously behind them.

Transparency CD Release, 2010 - NEW Just Released Rare recording - Playing Time/Duration 46 minutes - PRICE: $15.00

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

MEAT IS MURDER! An Illustrated Guide to Cannibal Culture - By Mikita Brottman

MEAT IS MURDER! An Illustrated Guide to Cannibalism - By Mikita Brottman

Violent death, murder, mutilation, eating, defecation, ritualism and bodily extremes - cannibalism combines all or many of these themes to represent one of the most symbolically charged narratives in the human psyche's repertoire.

As a grotesque figure of power - the cannibal has played a formidable role in all cultures throughout history from earliest times - oral, written, films etc. - It embodies the ultimate extent of transgressive behavior that a human being can be driven to.

MEAT IS MURDER ! is a unique and explicit exploration into cannibalism, from classical myths and early primitive natives to contemporary films, fiction and real-life modern age cannibals like Albert Fish, Ed Gein, Jeffery Dahmer and Andrei Chikatilo - and features an in-depth study of cannibalism in the cinema from mondo and exploitation films to horror and art house movies. Includes Film Index.

Creation Books 1998 Edition - 213 Page Paperback - Many b&w Illustrations - CAUTION: EXTREME ADULT CONTENT - PRICE: $15.00

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