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SEVERAL REASONS WHY CHEMTRAILS ARE REAL - too many things add up - or don't add up.....

I wrote these over a period of time and some of the techniques they are using have changed - if you are paying attention to the sky like I am - these changes are very apparent - They call it geo-engineering - because that sounds both harmless and official - neither are true - they tell you it is not chemtrails but geo-engineering - and when asked to descibe that term - they will describe planes flying into the sky and spraying chemicals to effect the weather - you can call it geo-engineering - but bottom line its chemicals sprayed into the atmosphere and we are breathing what ever it is they use.... and we as a population need to become aware of this and have it stopped immediately - this has been going on for years without our consent or knowledge... all the rise of epidemics of autism, alzheimers, diabetes and cancer lately - seem to coincide w/ when these spray programs started in ernest --- its your children...


1) You can see them w/ the naked eye

2) They start and stop - planes personally observed turning 'on' and 'off' - I have seen this many many times - ON / OFF... what's to understand ?

3) Some planes leave them - others don't - on the same day at the same altitude ?

4) Trails often look different in texture and /or make up - if it was ice crystals they would all look similar

5) Contrail 'ice crystals' are seen forming too close to hot jet engines - there fore this could not be ice or water vapor - every parrot repeats the 'water vapor ice crystal theory' - NASA states real contrails form at least one plane length behind the plane leaving the trail - because ice can't form too close to 10,00 degree hot engines running at full capacity. w/ binoculars I see these trails forming often right next to hot engines - and I have photos to prove it

6) No commercial logos on any of the planes leaving trails - no identification numbers either - which I think is also illegal - I have high power binoculars, and studied the sky since 2011 - it is now 2016

7) Contrails are supposed to be about perfect humidity levels - that do not happen every day - yet rarely a day goes by when chemtrails are not visible in the sky - the perfect weather conditions for contrails don't happen daily - also the new jet engines are not combustion engines they are turbo fan systems and do not leave a contrail - THINK ABOUT THAT !

8) These 'trails' form to low in the sky - cold air is 30,000 feet up (approx 5 miles) - I hear these low flying planes - you can barely hear a jet flying at commercial altitudes

9) These trails do not evaporate - they blow in the wind and spread - and we are breathing these nano particles of aluminum, barium and strontium - which is causing cancer, alzhiemers, autism and diabetes and a host of other health hazards like respiratory and breathing problems - one of the leading causes of death besides cancer

10) These planes fly all over the sky - not in 'flight paths' or corridors where commercial planes fly - I study the planes leaving LAX which is close to me

11) These are huge tankers - many I have seen w/ 200 magnification binoculars have no windows, no commercial logos and are not commercial flights, flying in flight paths like commercial jets leaving LAX - which is very close to me

12) These planes fly at radical angles - and randomly all over the sky - not horizontally like a commercial flight

13) Planes leaving huge Xs in the sky as if measuring from space satellites

14) Leave rainbow rings in sky as if reflecting sunlight thru chemicals - looks like 'oil slick' in the sky - CHEM BOWS or SUN DOGS - these are round circles/ water refreacts light at 180 degrees which is a half circle like a real rainbow forms

15) No one will talk about it at all..that is very suspicious... top secret..Like the MAHATTAN PROJECT - This program is probably carried out by robotics, Artificial Intelligence / Jade Helm - sending out DRONE spray planes - that is how there are ZERO SECURITY LEAKS IN THE PROGRAM - ROBOTS CAN'T SPILL THE BEANS - LIKE HUMANS EVENTUALLY WOULD - thus you have a completely AIR TIGHT TOP SECRET COVERT DEPOPULATION PROGRAM disguised as a Solar Radiation Management program - since we now have robots that can carry out a program such as this w/ ease - and are doing it NOW !-- It must be the first of it's kind - a NEW COVERT OPERATION RUN COMPLETELY BY A.I. Nano technology and Robots.

16) Patents galore on anything from enhanced aerial delivery spraying systems for planes to patents held by US Navy for making ' cumulus clouds' w/ planes and beyond.... and an infamous USAF Pamphlet titled 'CHEMTRAILS' - in the fifties the Army conducted a test called 'Large Area Coverage' to determine the dispersal rate of agents or chemicals sprayed from planes and would they indeed hit earth - the study was conclusive - it was learned they could affect earth by spraying the sky - LOOK IT UP - Large Area Coverage or L. A. C.

18) Millions of photos taken world wide

19) For the last few years long trails in the sky all day long - but seldom at night ??? WHY - humidity levels are present night or day - because of this constant CHEM-TRAIL SPRAYING the Stars are no longer visible in the night sky - I can count the amount of stars seen at night from my front yard - I used to see the stars at night here- you could NEVER in the past count the amount of stars in the night sky even in L.A. - now you can actually count the number of visible stars in the L.A. sky at night

20) Why chem-trails are seen by satellite over major cities - but not in rural areas ??

21) Commercial flights take off from an airport ascend to 30,000 feet and fly to destination - you can't hear a plane cruising at 30,000 feet - maybe just barely - I hear these planes right over head constantly....

22) The Vatican has a coin w/ the globe and a plane flying over leaving 'trails' - WHY ????? if this is just 'ice crystals' why would the Vatican depict it on a COIN ????

23) They say it couldn't be kept TOP SECRET - oh yea, WHAT ABOUT THE MANHATTAN PROJECT ???? - IT WAS HUGE - They hid that project from the public for years and years - we have much more technology to hide everything now too than they did then.

24) As a child I learned there were four types of clouds - there are a lot more types now - WHY ??? the gov has even named a bunch of these 'new types' of clouds and the post office made stamps of them ? Nimbus Cirrus Stratus and Cumulus and variations of these 4 types of clouds were the only types of clouds that existed when I was a kid

25) They claim everyone who sees 'chemtrails' is a paranoid conspiracy theorist - that would include literally millions of people - all crazy over one topic and perfectly normal in every other daily functions - could it be the government is lying or thousands are all crazy but only about chemtrails ?

26) They have been spraying for years and it is getting hotter not cooler - this has not helped in the slightest - but has compromised everyones health which is an immediate threat to life

27) IF they weren't real they would be immediately investigated and proven one way or the other - but they are not investigated for two reasons - one they are purposely sprayed and are poisonous and two the trail leads back to those in power - our LEADERS - so they are not going to investigate themselves - they have underground tunnels and bases to hide in.

28) I read in *Popular Science magazine* that NASA has Drone Planes that can fly up to 65,000 feet unmanned - easily remote controlled from hundreds of miles away.

29) Modern Jets run turbo fan systems NOT Combustion engines and are incapable of leaving ANY contrails

30) Ice crystals and water vapor cannot form close to super heated jet engines - I read NASA says a gap of at least one plane length should be between the trail and the plane leaving it

31) With 200 x magnification binoculars I have never seen a plane leaving a 'trail' in the sky that has a 'commercial logo' which are 2 stories tall and easily seen - and I have studied the sky and planes closely since 2011 - it is now 2016....

32) People who supposedly do not believe in 'chem-trails' are constantly cruising web-sites about chem-trails and leaving comments 'de-bunking' them - many of these 'people' I have noticed are every-where on every chem-trail site - when I look up their 'profile' it often has no content or very little - no real friends posting and commenting etc - obviously a FAKE profile made up by some AGENT for the sole purpose of LYING and spreading dis-information - many of these people are paid agents sent out onto the internet to 'de-bunk' real information - I read all about the CIA and their attempts to flood the internet w/ dis-information agents - if these so called 'people' do not believe in chem-trails why do they spend SO much time cruising chem-trail web-sites with the frequency of a 'full-time' job ??? If chem-trails weren't real why would they bother wasting so much time trying to convince others that this is a conspiracy theory - If I said I believe in GHOSTS - no one would even bat an eye - but if I say I believe chem-trails are real !!! I immediately have 10 or 12 de-bunkers and troll agents - writing comment after comment de-bunking my belief - WHY ???

33) BOTTOM LINE: Follow the money plain and simple - the only constant left on earth  - we as citizens stand to gain only our health by pointing out chemtrails - BUT those spraying the sky - make millions on endless schemes related to this program - planes, pilots, chemicals, control of water, control of food, control over weather etc... etc... so follow the money - who could be lying - those that stand to gain little but health - or those that stand to gain millions ??

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