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HERE TO GO: Brion Gysin - His Life, Work & Philosophy - by Terry Wilson

HERE TO GO: The Life, Work and Philosophy of Brion Gysin - By Terry Wilson
Preface by William S. Burroughs

A collection of exclusive interviews with, and writings by, Brion Gysin - Beat writer, artist, mystic and long-term collaborator with William S. Burroughs. Fully illustrated with a preface by Burroughs, Here To Go documents the life and work of one of the 20th century's most neglected writers and visionary artists.

Brion Gysin was a quiet member of the Beat Movement and a close friend of William S. Burroughs, who once said Gysin was the only man he ever respected. Terry Wilson met with Brion Gysin in 1971, and those interviews led to this volume, which includes the text generated at those meetings.

As an interview subject Gysin is all over-the-map, like his work - as he describes the mechanics of the Dreamachine (a stroboscopic device made for producing drug-free hallucinations), explains how the source of all evil is communication and relates in vivid detail his visit to Alamount, the secret mountain fortress of Hassan i Sabbah - leader of the Hash Assassins. An excellent look at an important yet under-rated and lesser known artist, mystic and writer.

Creation Books Edition, 2001 - 246 Page Paperback - b&w Illustrations - Price: $15.00

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

LAID BARE: A Memoir of Wrecked Lives and the Hollywood Death Trip - by John Gilmore

LAID BARE: A Memoir of Wrecked Lives and the Hollywood Death Trip

By John Gilmore (Author of Severed: The True Story of the Black Dahlia Murder and Garbage People: Charlie Manson and the Family)

A powerful chronicler of the American Nightmare through his gripping examinations of near-mythic Southern California murders - the Black Dahlia and Tate-La Bianca - John Gilmore now draws upon his personal experiences to turn his sights on our morbid obsession with celebrity and the ruinous price it exacts from those who would pursue it.

With caustic clarity Gilmore recounts his relationships with the likes of Janis Joplin, Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper, Jane Fonda, Jean Seberg, and Lenny Bruce on the way up and at the peaks of their stardom. Gilmore explores the actor James Dean's fascination with speed, death. and sexual experimentation and describes his often haunting first-hand encounters with Hank Williams, Ed Wood, Jr., Brigitte Bardot, Sal Mineo, Eartha Kitt, Charles Manson, Jayne Mansfield, Vampira, Steve McQueen and many other denizens of the 20th century’s dubious Pantheon.

"Reads like a first-person Hollywood Babylon!"-- V. Vale/ REsearch

Amok Books 1997 Edition - 251 Page Paperback - Great b&w photographs - Price: $14.00

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SPIES, TRAITORS and MOLES: An Espionage and Intelligence Quiz Book - By Peter Kross

SPIES, TRAITORS and MOLES: An Espionage and Intelligence Quiz Book

By Peter Kross

Most Americans do not know the true story of spying and covert activities in American history. Spying and the use of spies to further our foreign and domestic policy has its roots in the American Revolution.

Covert actions have influenced this nation's quest for international superiority and continue to this day. This book describes in detail that secret side of American history in an interesting way - a question and detailed answer format.

The book tells the story of ordinary and extraordinary men and women whose covert activities helped win wars. Readers will learn how assassinations were averted, governments overthrown, and revolutions crushed, paving the way for America's dominance in world affairs - it is a captivating narrative of the secret side of America's past - one not to be found in history books! From the American Revolution to the CIA & Kennedy assassination.

IllumiNet Press - 1998 Edition - 246 Page Paperback - some b&w illustrations - Price: $14.00

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

DUNGEON EVIDENCE: The Correct Sadist II - By Terence Sellers

The Correct Sadist II

By Terence Sellers

The Mistress Angel Stern presides over a New York torture chamber and 'theatrical dungeon' where sexual malcontents, the paraphiliac and perverted, which are her slaves, obey her every whim.

These 'morally insane', ruled by the dominatrix, engage in acts of refined cruelty in the dungeon confines of a 'safe' torture zone. From masturbatory depravities to religious exhaltations this book presents a blueprint for sadomasochism, cruelty and bondage.

Here are the bizarre case histories, de Sade like philosophies and psychopathologies of a dominatrix - a frank testament that explains the drives which lead some to become slaves and others masters, and also reveals the complex exchange of psychic energies involved in dominance and submission.

The sequel to Terence Sellers' best-selling book The Correct Sadist, this is a report from the sadomasochistic front-line, which documents the many visitors to Miss Angel Stern's dungeon. A classic of female domination. Now out-of-print and a rare, sought after book. We have copies available.

Velvet Publication - 1997 First Edition - 185 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - *ADULT Material !! - Price: $15.00

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MANSON: The Unholy Trail of Charlie Manson and the Family - by John Gimore and Ron Kenner

MANSON: The Unholy Trail of Charlie Manson and the Family

By John Gilmore and Ron Kenner

Random murder and savage overkill, mind control, acid trips, satanism, witchcraft, cursed glamour, Haight-Ashbury, rock music, biker gangs, sexual rebellion and dune buggies tearing across Death Valley in search of the "hole in the earth" -- This is a gripping account of one of the most chilling and fascinating crime sagas of all time -- Charles Manson and the Family and the Sharon Tate/ LaBianca Murders - Contains 32 pages of photos including graphic crime-scene and post-mortem documentation.

“This terrible tale haunts the reader.... a remarkable achievement in bringing together the chords of fear.” —Los Angeles News-Advocate

Amok Books 2000 Edition - 178 Page Paperback - B&W Illustrations - Price: $14.00

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