Sunday, November 4, 2012

POISON: An Illustrated History - by Joel Levy

POISON: An Illustrated History - by Joel Levy

What is there that is not a poison ? --- Paracelsus

Discover the secret history of poisons from Cleopatra and Mary Ann Cotton, to arsenic belladonna, cocaine, thallium and Zyklon B. This lavishly illustrated book will take you on a fascinating journey through the mysterious world of potions, herbs and psychoactive preparations - substances both alluring and terrifying, captured here in all their complexity, outlining the many roles they have played throughout time, history, culture, science, religion, medicine and murder !

Chapter Titles:

Poison in Science
Poison in Nature
Poison in History
Poison as Executioner
Poison as Assassin
Poison in Murder
Poison in Suicide
Poison as Savior

Lyons Press Books - 2011 Edition - 224 Page Paperback - Many illustrations in b&w and color - History/Science/Botany/Poison/Study - PRICE: $12.00

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