Tuesday, May 28, 2013

HEAVENLY HIGHS: DMT, Ayahuasca, Kava Kava, Yage & Other Plants of the Gods

HEAVENLY HIGHS: DMT, Ayahuasca, Kava-Kava, Yage & Other Plants of the Gods

By Peter Stafford

A study of amazing entheogenic plants used by shamen and others - the botany, history and chemistry of these plants and the folklore behind each one - where they grow and how they are prepared and used in spiritual and healing rituals and ceremonies - and to raise consciousness and awareness levels. From Ayahuasca and Kava-Kava to Psychedelic Snuffs, Yohimbe and Yage this classic book details shamanic psychoactive substances and their effects on humans, culture and history - Includes some b&w illustrations and photos.


Psychedelic Snuffs
DMT Consumption and Safety
Mental Effects of DMT
Ayahuasca Use & Effects
Yage Visions
Purgative Vine
The Great Medicine
Brew Preparation
Ayahuasca Botany
Ayahuasca Chemistry
Ibogaine Preparation
Salvia Divinorum
Intoxication Instinct

Ronin Publishing - 2005 Edition - 182 Page Paperback - PRICE: $12.00

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

THE SECRET OF THE RUNES - by Guido Von List Translated by Stephen E. Flowers, Ph. D.


Translated by Stephen E. Flowers

Renowned scholar Guido Von List was the undisputed ‘High Priest’ of the Germanic occult renaissance in the early part of the 20th century - this book is a re-print of his original 1908 edition study of German Runes - An expert on Indo-European Germanic linguistics he spent years studying the Germanic/Runic alphabet and this book is considered the pioneering work on the subject - none of his other work sets out so clearly and simply the full spectrum of his vision and mystical philosophy based on ancient esoteric Germanic/Teutonic principles.

Destiny Books - 1988 Edition - 131 Page Paperback - One Page of Illustrations (shown) - PRICE: $14.00

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Monday, May 6, 2013

SURREALISM: Desire Unbound / Surrealist Exhibition Catalog

SURREALISM: Desire Unbound

Edited by Jennifer Mundy

This huge book catalog was published to accompany a major exhibition of international surrealism - the catalog explores all aspects of surrealist art - words, books, painting, collage, drawing, film, performance, and photography - with works by Dali, Marcel Duchamp, Rene Magritte, Max Ernst, Georgio de Chirico, Alberto Giacometti and many others thoroughly discussed and illustrated. 295 Illustrations - mostly in color. *ADULT Material *

Princeton Pub. - Huge 349 Page Hardcover Book - Illustrations mostly color with a few in b&w - Surrealism/ Photography/ Art/ Exhibition/ Catalog/ Illustrated - NEW Still Sealed ** PRICE: $40.00 ** (original cover price was $95.00)

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

DIVINE FILTH - Lost Scatology and Erotic Writings by George Bataille

DIVINE FILTH: Lost Writings By George Bataille

Cover Art by Hans Bellmer

'Divine Filth' is a collection of long-overlooked minimal, experimental, erotic prose and scatological fragments - rivaled only by Bataille's most famous work 'Story of the Eye' for pure 'pornographic' content that transcends the limits of literature and self.

These are the shattered mystical visions of a Surrealist with a deep thirst for the negation of consciousness through the ecstasies of humiliation, depravity and pain.

The fragments come straight out of Bataille's private notebooks. The form is minimal and experimental - but the messages are always visionary. Rarely has such profanity risen to this level of the sacred and sublime - secreting absurdist bile, vertigo, nudity and anguish.

Cover Drawing by Hans Bellmer

Creation Books 2004 edition - 165 Page Paperback - No illustrations - ADULT MATERIAL - slight shop-wear to these last copies of a somewhat scarce book - Price: $12.00

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