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Sample-delic techno, cut-up mayhem, mash-ups and plunderphonics with a beat.

Exploring the territory between chance and rhythm, Antediluvian Rocking Horse has traveled a long unique route in Australian electronica. Part Easy Listening Lounge-act and part Noise Guerrillas, this 'group' hails from Melbourne, Australia.

Formed in 1994, The Horse cut its teeth DJ-ing in the local techno scene. Bringing multi-layered sound collage to the chill out rooms at raves, their style was distinctive - Eager to connect these random excursions, ARH hit the studio where they crafted a sample-heavy offering that happily defied labeling - too curious to be techno - it's more like plunderphonics or mash-up style music.

San Francisco legends NEGATIVLAND heard their first recorded album and immediately re-realeased it on their Seeland label. Never quite fitting in to any particular 'scene' or 'genre' they found an appreciative audience in Japan and toured there several times.

"Forward into the Furniture" released in 2003, is a largely self-produced affair, with Ollie Olsen (friend of late great Rowland S. Howard) joining them on a few tracks. Mindful of their use of unauthorized samples, ARH started their own label to release it - Whacked, Lovely and Haywire sounding CD.

One sample beckons you to: "riot in the street, punch-out everyone you meet" !!

ANTEDILUVIAN ROCKING HORSE is Melbourne artists Susan King and Paul Wain - guest appearance on several tracks by Ollie Olsen (of 'The Young Charlatans' a band he was in with Rowland S. Howard/Birthday Party).

Track List:
Convoluted Plot Machine
Road Hog
Forward into the Furniture
September Shuffle
Ohms For Homes
Ignorant of the Situation
Typhoon of '98
Set and Forget
Artaud 10cc
The Jum Jum Song
DaDanger Music
Long Sweet Dream
The Ted Turner Soul Train Experience
Theme From Project Cracker
Avoids Color Monotany
Control's 5:30 Laundry Flight to Peru
On Her Majesty's Secret Dune
Ao Voice

Start Transmission Special Projects Label C.D. Release, 2003 - Includes mini bumper sticker - Price: $10.00

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SECRET AGENT 666 - Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult - by Richard B. Spence

SECRET AGENT 666 - Aleister Crowley, British Intelligence and the Occult

By Richard B. Spence (Author of Trust No One: The Secret World of Sidney Reilly)

Aleister Crowley is best known today as one of the founding fathers of modern occultism and his influence can be found everywhere in popular culture.

“The Great Beast” has been the subject of several biographies, some painting him as a misunderstood genius, others as a manipulative charlatan. None of them have looked seriously at his career as an agent of British Intelligence.

Using documents gleaned from British, American, French and Italian archives, Secret Agent 666 sensationally reveals that Crowley played a major role in the sinking of the Lusitania, a plot to overthrow the government of Spain, the thwarting of Irish and Indian nationalist conspiracies, and the 1941 flight of Rudolf Hess.

Author Richard Spence argues that Crowley—in his own unconventional way—was a patriotic Englishman who endured years of public vilification in part to mask his role as a secret agent.

The verification of the Great Beast’s participation in the twentieth century’s most astounding government plots will likely blow the minds of history as well as occult aficionados.

Author Richard B. Spence has been seen on various documentaries on The History Channel and is a consultant for Washington D.C.’s International Spy Museum.

He is also the author of 'Trust No One: The Secret World of Sidney Reilly' - (Sidney Reilly was a real life 'James Bond' type secret agent - Feral House Books)

Feral House Books 2008 Edition - 288 Page Paperback - B&W Illustrations - PRICE: $20.00

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GNOSTIC PHILOSOPHY: From Ancient Persia to Modern Times - by Tobias Churton

GNOSTIC PHILOSOPHY: From Ancient Persia to Modern Times - by Tobias Churton

Gnosticism was a contemporary of early Christianity whose demise can be traced to Christianity's efforts to silence its teachings. The Gnostic message, however, was not destroyed but simply went underground. Starting with the first emergence of Gnosticism, the author shows how its influence extended from the teachings of Neoplatonists and the magical traditions of the Middle Ages to the beliefs and ideas of the Sufis, Jacob Bohme, Carl Jung, Rudolf Steiner, the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons. In the language of spiritual Freemasonry, gnosis is the rejected stone necessary for the completion of the Temple - a Temple of new cosmic understanding that today's heirs to Gnosticism strive to create.

The Gnostics believed that the universe embodies an endless contest between opposing principles. Terrestrial life exhibits the struggle between good and evil, life and death, beauty and ugliness, enlightenment and ignorance: gnostic and agnostic. The very nature of physical time and space is an obstacle to humanity's ability to remember its divine origins and recover its original unity with God. Thus the preeminent Gnostic secret is that we are God in potential, and the purpose of real Gnostic teaching is to return us to our godlike nature.

Inner Traditions Books 2005 Edition - 463 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - PRICE: $20.00

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SUN RA Live in London 1970 - Double CD Set

SUN RA Live in London 1970 Double CD Set

Two musical sets recorded live at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London on November 9, 1970 - their debut UK concert.   

FEATURING: Sun Ra (Farfisa organ, Hohner Clavinet, piano, Rocksichord, Spacemaster organ, Mini-Moog synthesizer, Hohner Electra, vocals); Kwame Hadi (trumpet, percussion): Akh Tal Ebah (trumpet, space dimension mellophone); Marshall Allen, Danny Davis, John Gilmore, Absholom Den Shiomo, Danny Ray Thompson, Pat Patrick, Eloe Omoe, Robert Cummings (reeds, percussion); Alan Silva (violin, viola, cello, bass); Al Batin Nur (English horn); Alex Blake (bass); Lex Humphries (drums); James Jacson (large drum, oboe, flute); Nimrod Hunt (hand drums); Roger Aralamon Hazoume (African percussion); Gloristeena Knight (percussion); June Tyson (vocals)

Track Listing:

Disc One:
1. Intro Improv/Drum Ensemble
2. Walking On The Moon
3. Outer Spaceways Incorporated
4. untitled
5. The Shadow World
6. untitled
7. Watusi
8. Theme Of The Stargazers
9. Life Is Splendid
10. Moog Solo

Disc Two:
1. untitled
2. untitled
3. Planet Earth
4. Second Stop Is Jupiter/Myth vs. Reality/End Of The World
5. untitled

Transparency CD Release, 2010 - Double (2x) CD Set - Avant Garde/Experimental/ Classic Jazz - PRICE: $20.00

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SUN RA and His INTERGALACTIC SOLAR RESEARCH ARKESTRA - Live in Helsinki 1971 - 2x CDs with DVD set

SUN RA and the ARKESTRA - Live in Helsinki 1971

Transparency Double (2x) CD Set with DVD (Region 0)

 The complete documentation of a rare Finnish performance by the Sun Ra Arkestra - the material recorded in Helsinki on October 14, 1971 is presented here in a 2 CD package with a bonus DVD! The CDs feature both the first and second sets of the evening - and was recorded by the Finnish broadcasting company, so the quality is very good and well-recorded, with as much clarity as some of the better-known live Arkestra albums of the time. The DVD features an TV interview with Sun Ra, recorded in black and white during the same trip to Finland -- really great footage! (DVD is Region 0.)

The group's in wonderful form -- a fairly large lineup, given the Scandinavian trip - and they run through modes that are spacey, spiritual, and straight. Players include Kwame Hadi, Marshall Allen, John Gilmore, Danny Davis, James Jacson, Pat Patrick, Danny Ray Thompson and June Tyson sings some really wonderful vocals on the recording as well.

Titles include "Love In Outer Space", "Watusi", "Enlightenment", "Theme Of The Stargazers", "To Nature's God", "Somewhere Else", "Second Stop Is Jupiter", and "The Satellites Are Spinning".

Transparency Release - 2x CD + DVD Set - Sun Ra and the Arkestra - Live in Helsinki 1971 - Avant Garde/Experimental/ Classic Jazz - Double/2 x CD with DVD SET - PRICE: $25.00

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DESTROY: Sex Pistols 1977 - Black and White Photo Book - by Dennis Morris

DESTROY: Sex Pistols 1977 - Black and White Photo Book - by Dennis Morris

In 1977 Dennis Morris was asked by Johnny Rotten to be the Sex Pistols official photographer - so for a year he followed the band around photographically documenting the choas of their short and incendiary career.

This book, 'DESTROY' is a collection of the best of those photos. Many photos were taken on the infamous boat ride down the Thames on 'jubilee weekend' to celebrate the Virgin label's release of the single 'God Save the Queen' - the Sex Pistols played on board the boat while a crowd of friends and fans watched - among those present were Malcolm MacLaren, Vivienne Westwood, Richard Branson and a host of others.

Hundreds of dramatic black and white photos by Dennis Morris of the Sex Pistols at the height of their infamy!!

Creation Books 1998 Edition - No Page Count - Large Format Paperback - PRICE - $15.00

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*Various Bands / Electronica / Electro Pop / Art Rock / Vintage

The 'Softcore Jukebox' CD was released October 7th 2003 on the Emperor Norton Label - It is an 18 track compilation C.D. put together by the members of the band LADYTRON - it features an assortment of songs by various bands from several genres - It includes two songs performed by LADYTRON; the Remix of 'Blue Jeans' and an amazing electro thrash cover of TWEET'S 'Oops Oh My' - also includes an ass kicking remix version of FANNYPACK'S 'Hey Mami' - NOT TO MENTION one of my all time FAVORITE SONGS 'Teenage Daughter' by the Band FAT TRUCKERS - The CD Cover appears to be a homage to ROXY MUSIC'S 'Country Life' Album Cover and the band's name LADYTRON is a reference to ROXY MUSIC as well --- Also Includes: MY BLOODY VALENTINE, THE FALL, WIRE, SHOCKING BLUE, NANCY SINATRA/LEE HAZLEWOOD etc.... Great Collection !!!

Track Listing:

1. Soon --- by My Bloody Valentine
2. Hit the North: Part 1 --- by The Fall
3. What's a Girl To Do --- by Cristina
4. Peng –-- by Dondolo
5. The 15th –-- by Wire
6. Blue Jeans 2.0 –-- by Ladytron
7. Saviour Piece –-- by Snap Ant
8. Big –-- by New Fast Automatic Daffodils
9. Feel Good Hit of the Fall –-- by !!!
10. Teenage Daughter –-- by Fat Truckers
11. Hey Mami (Sharaz Mix) –-- by Fannypack
12. Manila (Headman Remix) –-- by Seelenluft
13. You Got the Love –-- by The Source
14. Crazy Girls –-- by Codec & Flexor
15. Oops Oh My --- by Ladytron
16. Send Me a Postcard –-- by Shocking Blue
17. Twins –-- by Pop Levi
18. Some Velvet Morning –-- by Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra

Emperor Norton 2003 CD Release - Electro / Art Rock Compilation - Price: $15.00


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A classic book on the subject of Freemasonry, C. W. Leadbeater has written numerous books on esoteric topics - This book, originally written in 1926, is an in depth study of the rites of the Mystery schools of ancient Egypt, Greece and Judea from the middle ages to the 20th century - and shows how these ancient rites have since emerged in this century as Freemasonry.

Based on his vast knowledge of the esoteric and almost every Masonic record available to the historian at the time, Leadbeater relates little known facts about the Mystery schools and their practices and beliefs - the origins of these schools are now for the most part "lost in the mists of antiquity".

Contents include:

The Origins of Masonry: Authentic School / Anthropological School / Mystical School / Occult School / Knowledge of the Occultist / Occult Records / Sacramental Power / etc.

The Egyptian Mysteries: World Teacher / Gods of Egypt / Isis & Osiris / Animal Dieties / The Practice of Embalming / Brothers of Horus / Consecration / Degrees of the Mysteries / etc.

The Cretan Mysteries: Unity of the Mysteries / Creatan Race / Worship in Ancient Crete / The Throne Room / The Three Columns / Models of Shrines / The Alter Objects / etc.

The Jewish Mysteries: Jewish Decent / Jewish Migration / The Prophets / Builders of the K.S.T. / Recasting the Rituals / Essenes and the Christ / Kabbalism / etc.

The Greek Mysteries: Eleusinian Mysteries / Greek Mysteries / Greek Gods / The Lesser Mysteries / Greater Mysteries / Hidden Mysteries / School of Pythagoras / Three Degrees / etc.

The Mithraic Mysteries: Zarathustra & Mithraism / Mithraism in Rome / Mithraic Rites / Roman Collegia / Work of King Numa / Colleges and the Legions / etc.

Craft Masonry in Medieval Times: Evolutionary Methods / Withdrawal of the Mysteries / Christian Mysteries / Repression of the Mysteries / Crossing of Traditions / etc.

Operative Masonry in the Middle Ages: Temporary Custodians / Decline of the Collegia / The Comacine Lodges / The Compagnonnage / German Stonemasons / etc.

Transition from Operative to Speculative: The Reformation / First Minutes / Scottish, English and Irish Minutes / Grand Lodge / The Recomposition of the Rituals / etc.

Other Lines of Masonic Tradition: Secret Societies / Templars / Preservation of Templar Tradition / The Royal Order of Scotland / Brothers of the Rosy Cross / etc.

The Scottish Rite: Origins / Jacobite Movement / Oration of Ramsay / Chapter of Clermont / Council of Emperors / Spread of the Scottish Rite / Frederick the Great / etc.

The Co-Masonic Order: Restoration of an Ancient Landmark / The Succession of Co-Masonry / The Co-Masonic Rituals / The Future of Freemasonry / etc.

Gramercy Books N.Y., 1998 Edition - 241 Page Hardcover Book - No Illustrations - Price: $15.00

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Author C. W. Leadbeater in Masonic Regalia 33*

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SEVERED: The True Story of the Black Dahlia Murder - by John Gilmore

SEVERED: The True Story of the Black Dahlia Murder

By John Gilmore
The grisly 1947 murder of aspiring starlet and nightclub habituĂ© Elizabeth Short, known even before her death as the “Black Dahlia,” has over the decades transmogrified from L.A.'s crime of the century to an almost mythical symbol of Hollywood Babylon/film noir glamour-cum-sordidness.
SEVERED, a true-crime book published on the strangest of all “unsolved” murders in the annals of modern crime, offers the documented solution to the case as endorsed by law enforcement and forensic science experts. It is appropriate that hard-boiled, Hollywood-born author John Gilmore, whose father was an LAPD officer at the time of the murder, should be the one to unravel the multilayered mystery of this archetypal Los Angeles slaying, having begun his painstaking investigations into the case over thirty-five years ago.
Gilmore tells several previously unrevealed stories at once, each filled with its own bizarre elements through which SEVERED transcends the true crime genre. One is the tale of victim Elizabeth Short, small-town beauty queen with big hopes, who seemed to float through her tragically futile life as an alluring yet doom-laden enigma. Another is the tangled inside story of the police investigation and the remorseless, Hearststoked press hoopla that paralled it. Finally Gilmore reveals the twisted psychology and down-and-out life story of the actual murderer— as well as the startling circumstances and gruesome details of the killer's indirect confessions to him. SEVERED contains a thirty-two-page photo section with many never before-published photos from the life of Elizabeth Short and from the case, including graphic crime scene and postmortem police photos.
"The most satisfying and disturbing conclusion to the Black Dahlia case... " -- David Lynch

"My god this is a frightening tale...." -- Kenneth Anger

AMOK BOOKS - 230 Page Paperback - Illustrated b&w - Price: $15.00
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MEGATHERION: Magickal World of Aleister Crowley - by Francis King

MEGATHERION: The Magickal World of Aleister Crowley -- By Francis King

Aleister Crowley (1875 –1947) was the synthesizer of what he termed as “Magick”, a system of occult philosophy and technique outlined in such classic texts as THE BOOK OF THE LAW and MAGICK IN THEORY AND PRACTICE.

In this highly readable account of Crowley’s occult progress, Francis King examines each of the three main sources of Magick – other planes of existence, human will-power and the links between macrocosm and microcosm - this brings new light to Crowley himself and does much to explain the continued respect and admiration for his writings after all these years by such diverse individuals as occultists, artists, writers, musicians, film makers and others. Includes 12 pages of black and white photographs.

CONTENTS: The Magical Decade/ The Golden Dawn/ The Book of the Law/ Towards the Silver Star/ Choronzon/ The Rites of Eleusis/ Book Four/ Western Tantrism/ The Departure and Later Life of Neuburg/ Sexual Wisdom/ America/ Leah Hirsig/ The End of the Abbey/ Wanderings of a Magician/ Twilight of a Master/ A Magical Revival and a Death/ The Aftermath

Creation Books 2004 Edition - 193 page paperback - illustrated black and white - Price: $15.00

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PORTABLE DARKNESS: An Aleister Crowley Reader - Edited by Scott Michaelsen

An Aleister Crowley Reader

Edited with Commentary by Scott Michaelsen

Forewords by Robert Anton Wilson and Genesis P. Orridge

Aleister Crowley was a brilliant man and a major intellectual figure in the occult world - This is a collection of some of his best writings with commentary that illuminates his notoriously complex and impenetrable theories.

As an intellectual and mystic he devoted his life to the study of the Qabalah, Gematria, Numerology, Astrology, Myth, Glyphs, Yoga and Linguistics. His intense methodical exploration of such an immense and arcane range of knowledge has yielded a huge and challenging body of literature.

In this book editor Scott Michaelsen has sifted through his vast amount of writings in search of those works which best display the razor-sharp insight for which Crowley has become known.

The selections are thematically organized and accompanied by Michaelsen's enlightening commentary - an indispensable lexicon for the novice and adept alike - making Crowleyan philosophy both accessible and intelligible.

Solar Books 2007 Edition - 293 Page Paperback - b&w photographs- Price: $15.00

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DIRT: Two Extreme Erotic Novels in One Book - by Diane Bataille and Marcus Huttning

DIRT: Two Extreme Erotic Novels in One Book

The Whip Angels - by Diane Bataille (Wife of Georges Bataille 'Story of the Eye' author)

Linda's Strange Vacation - by Marcus Huttning

About this book:
'The Whip Angels' and 'Linda's Strange Vacation' are long-lost forbidden classics of explicit literary erotica, first published clandestinely in 1950s/60s Paris, and now restored to their original place in the history of extreme erotica. Both books are rites-of-passage stories throbbing with stunning sexual manias, lusts and perverse twists.

'The Whip Angels' blazes with erotic excess and incandescent cruelty as Victoria is schooled in the ways of whips and bondage by incestuous guardians. Attributed to Diane Bataille (wife of Georges Bataille, author of 'Story of the Eye').

'Linda's Strange Vacation' starts out as Linda arrives at her uncle's beachside villa for a 'vacation' and is immediately seduced by Lola the mistress of the house - she is then introduced to more and more increasingly bizarre activities - climaxing in an orgy of staggering diversity.

Two erotic novels published in one edition.

Creation Books 2001 Edition - 255 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - **ADULT CONTENT** - Price: $15.00

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UGLY THINGS: Music Magazine - Retro, Surf, Garage Rock, Psychedelic and Beyond.

UGLY THINGS: Music Magazine
Retro, Garage, Surf, Rock, Psychedelic and Beyond.

In This Issue: The Move/Trevor Burton Interview - Roky Erickson's Pre-Psychedelic Days - 13th Floor Elevator Box Set Review - Lost Beach Boy David Marks - The Dave Clark Five - The Spades - The Pretty Things - The New Dawn - The Candymen - The Good Feelins and tons more !!! Many many amazing black and white band photos - this magazine is a plethora of knowledge on well known and not-so-well known bands from the 60s, 70s and beyond.

Ugly Things Music Magazine - Large Format 208 Page Paperback with Glossy Cover - Price: $9.00

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DUMB ANGEL: The Life of Dennis Wilson (of the Beach Boys)

DUMB ANGEL: The Life of Dennis Wilson (of the Beach Boys) by Adam Webb - With Preface by Peter Buck of R.E.M.

"Dumb Angel" is said to have been an expression of Brian Wilson's insight into the character of his brother Dennis Wilson.

Dennis Wilson was the drummer of the band The Beach Boys - and was the only true surfer in the group. He died prematurely in 1983, shortly after marrying his cousin's illegitimate love child. Although he died early - he seemed to have still lived a very full life.

He indulged in copious amounts of sex and drugs, had dealings with Charles Manson and the Family, starred in the movie 'Two Lane Blacktop', was married several times, wrote and recorded on over twenty Beach Boy tracks and had many solo recordings as well.

Dumb Angel is a study which reveals the highs and lows of his amazing life and career - and the tragic details of his early death - focusing mainly on his true legacy, his voice and music.

Creation Books 2001 Edition - 189 Page Paperback - b&w Illustrations - PRICE: $15.00

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Book by Jeremy Reed

An original study of Scott Walker, a real modern legend and cult figure -- Scott Walker and the short lived Walker Brothers hit the pop charts in 1965 and enjoyed huge popularity.

As a solo artist he quickly acquired world wide acclaim, but his distaste for media exposure and live performance led to the singer becoming a virtual recluse. His unique voice influenced later artists such as David Bowie, Julian Cope and Marc Almond.

This book follows Scott Walker's progress from music chart sensation and successful solo singer to the rarely glimpsed enigma with an attitude that was not well suited to stardom.

Creation Books 1998 Edition - 158 Page Paperback - 16 Pages of b&w photographs - Price: $15.00

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THE GHOSTS OF SODOM: The Lost Journals of Marquis de Sade

THE GHOSTS OF SODOM: Lost Charenton Journals of Marquis de Sade
By Marquis de Sade

The Marquis de Sade's Charenton diaries were first published in France in 1970 upon their discovery in the family archives. They consist of two notebooks - one covers the period of June 1807 to August 1808 - the other July 18th to November 30th 1814 - ending just two days before his death on December 2nd 1814.

This book contains the everyday life of the old man, now 67 years of age - in the confines of Charenton Hospital Prison where he is under almost constant surveillance - also included are several letters from this period and the working notes to his terminal novel "The Days at Florbelle" - a huge work deemed so extreme that the only manuscript was burned by police at the request of de Sade's own son.

There were four notebooks altogether but only these have been found, the first and fourth - the second and third are still missing.

Creation Books 2003 Edition - 138 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - Price: $10.00

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THE TRIAL OF GILLES DE RAIS: Actual Trial Transcripts Annotated by Georges Bataille


Documents Presented by Georges Bataille

Translated from Latin by Pierre Klossowski

Georges Bataille presents the case of the most infamous villain of the Middle Ages: Gilles de Rais. Fascinated with the depths of human experience — the meeting points of sexuality, violence, ritual, spirituality, and death — Bataille examines with dispassionate clarity the legendary crimes, trials and confessions of this grotesque and still horrifying 15th-century child-murderer, sadist, alchemist, necrophile and practitioner of the Black Arts - He was also at one time a lieutenant to Joan of Arc - but after her execution as a witch, he began a steady decline into the depths of hell.

“This book about the notorious 15th-century serial killer of young children, written by France’s famous connoisseur of transgression — the man the surrealist Andre Breton labeled an ‘excremental philosopher’ — represents a marriage not made in heaven, perhaps, but surely nowhere on this earth - the fact is that The Trial of Gilles de Rais gives us Bataille at his most accessible — he had been trained as a medievalist librarian, after all — and is probably, taken in its entirety, the best thing now available in English on one of the most bizarre figures in European history.” — New York Times Book Review

AMOK BOOKS - 285 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - **ADULT CONTENT** - Price: $14.00

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AMOK FIFTH DISPATCH - Sourcebook of Extreme Information - Edited by Stuart Swezey

AMOK FIFTH DISPATCH: Sourcebook of Extreme Information

Edited by Stuart Swezey

Exhaustively researched, entertainingly annotated and provocatively illustrated guide to over two thousand of the most bizarre, controversial and thought-provoking books in print.

A huge reference book surveying the outer fringes of the Information Age, the Amok Fifth Dispatch presents in one volume the gauntlet of extreme literature available from hundreds of publishers worldwide - with a listing of each title accompanied by a description of the book.

The Amok Fifth Dispatch is arranged according to its own ground-breaking taxonomy, from “Control” (analysis of power structure from the trilateral Commission to the American Psychiatric Assn.) to “Mayhem” (true crime, disasters, forensic medicine) to “Neuropolitics” (psychedelia, parapsychology, brain chemistry) to “Orgone” (sexuality, the body, and the life -force) to ”Scratch 'n' Sniff” (pop culture & kitsch) and much more.

This huge sourcebook will no doubt bring to your attention book titles that you never knew existed. Heavily ILLUSTRATED with hundreds of 'Mind-Blowing' black and white images - no one comes away unscathed... The ultimate conversation starter/ coffee table book !!


Control Section: Anarchy, Baudrillard, Chomsky, Foucault, Situationists, Zapatista, Zion etc.

Exotica Section: Africa, Sir Richard Burton, Cargo Cults, Isabelle Eberhardt, Maya etc.

Mayhem Section: Cannibalism, Forensic Pathology, Serial Killers, True Crime etc.

Natas Section: Alchemy, Crowley, Gnosis, Kabbalah, LaVey, Spare, Thule, Vatican, Voodoo etc.

Neuropolitics Section: Burroughs, Dreams, Drugs, Leary, Sufi, R.A. Wilson etc.

Orgone Section: Death, Drag, Erotica, Nudism, Plague, Wilhelm Reich, Sex, etc.

Parallax Section: Black Panthers, Genocide, JFK, Masonic, Red Army Faction etc.

Research & Development Section: Charles Fort, Paranormal, Tesla, UFOs, etc.

Scratch 'n Sniff Section: Carney, Hot Rods, Last Prom, Manga, Pin-Ups, Punk, Skins, 3-D etc.

Sensory Deprivation: Art Brut, Cocteau, Dada, Surrealism, Szukalski, Warhol, John Waters etc.

Sleaze Section: Black Starlet, Censorship, Dino, Michael Jackson, William Shatner etc.

Tactics Section: Bombs, C-4, Martial Arts, Revenge, Self-Defense, Weaponry etc.

Title Index, Contributors, Publishers, etc.

Quotes About the Book:

"The benchmark sourcebook on deviant literature." --- Vanity Fair Magazine.

"The index of all that we hold obscure, perverse and dear." --- Esquire Magazine.

"A reading list from Hell that is a must for any serious oddball bibliophile." --- John Waters (film-maker)

"An impressive collection, absolutely definitive in many ways - one can almost say that there's no need to read anything that isn't in this catalog." --- J.G. Ballard (author of 'Crash')

"You think you're postmodern. You give to your local National Public Radio station. You write letters on behalf of prisoners of conscience. Jesse Helms makes your knee go into involuntary spasms. You are primed for First Amendment battles and believe you stand squarely on the side of the purists. Until you start to leaf through the Amok Fourth Dispatch." --- Publisher's Weekly

The previous sourcebook, the Amok Fourth Dispatch, became a must-read underground sensation and went on to sell over 50,000 copies.

Amok Books, 1999 Edition - Huge 561 Page Paperback - Heavily Illustrated in B&W - - **Some ADULT CONTENT** - Price: $15.00

**Orders outside USA please e-mail: for shipping price

Friday, July 9, 2010


STARRY WISDOM: A Tribute to H.P. Lovecraft - A Collection of Stories by Various Authors

THE STARRY WISDOM: A Tribute to H.P. Lovecraft - A Collection of Stories by Various Authors Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft

Edited by D.M. Mitchell, Alan Moore & Others...

COVER ART by John Coulthart

A collection of contemporary visions of cosmic mutation, transformation and madness - written by various authors - inspired by the life and writings of H.P. Lovecraft - these stories often reflect his strangely persistent re-occuring themes. The ancient and old merge and mutate convulsively with modern technology...

Here the primal beings of Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos stalk a post-modern landscape of social collapse, ethnic cleansing, genetic engineering, nuclear devastation and nightmare prophecies. Includes the entire Graphic Novel version of 'Call of the Cthulhu' illustrated by John Coulthart.

The undercurrents of sexual and ecological displacement which powered much of Lovecraft's work have been laid bare in many of these stories - a great tribute to this much maligned genius revealing him to be a true prophet of the 20th century.

Authors Include: Alan Moore / J.G. Ballard / Grant Morrison / William S. Burroughs / Ramsey Campbell / John Coulthart / James Havoc / Brian Lumley / D.M. Mitchell / Michael Gira / Don Webb / David Conway / Rick Grimes / Robert M. Price / D.F. Lewis / Simon Whitechapel / Stephen Sennitt / Peter Smith and more....

GREAT COVER ART also by John Coulthart

Creation Books 2003 Edition - 221 Page Paperback - b&w Illustrations - Out of Print Book/ somewhat scarce - Sci-Fi/ Weird Fiction/ - Price: $20.00

International Orders: please e-mail: -- for shipping price

Saturday, June 26, 2010

INSIDE TERADOME: Illustrated History of Freak Films - Edited by Jack Hunter

INSIDE TERRADOME: An Illustrated History of Freak Films - By Jack Hunter

From the Roman Games to traveling carnivals - human anomalies have been presented and displayed for spectacle through-out history - with the advent of cinema a further outlet for these displays was discovered - which led to a peculiar strain of bizarre cinema: the Freak Film.

This book is a comprehensive, fully illustrated guide to this fascinating and often disturbing cinematic genre - Including: brief history of teratology / freaks in myth and medicine / history of freakshows and origins of cinema / sideshows / human anomalies in film / freaks and geeks / bizarre cinema / mutilation and fetishes / illustrated filmography / index.

Creation Books, 1998 Edition - 244 Page Paperback - hundreds of black and white photos/illustrations - **Some ADULT Content** - Price: $20.00

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

X 10 R. 1 -- X 10 R. 2 - C.D. - By David Schafer - Double C.D. Set of Experimental Muzak

X 10 R. 1 -- X 10 R. 2 - C.D.

By David Schafer

Double C.D. Set of Experimental Turntablist Muzak

Multiple turntables and lounge records all recorded at once - ethereal cacophony of noise with muzak versions of familiar song bits floating in and out of the sound.

"The cryptic CD title stands for “Times Ten Resequenced With Two Second Gap” and “Times Ten Resequenced With Variable Gap” - Schafer has rearranged pre-recorded albums - he’s selected ten records conducted or arranged by people associated with the easy listening giant, the Muzak Corporation. Each record’s tracks were re-arranged from slowest to fastest and then those re-sequenced records were superimposed on top of each other creating an extremely dense blanket of non-stop sound".

"The result is like being stuck in ten different elevators at once. As the piece rolls on, you’ll catch an audible whiff of a familiar melody then, just as you’re about to identify it, that melody gets washed away by a new rush of sound. Everything all at once building and peaking then fading away while another blur of sounds rushes in: orchestras, light ragtime, a lonesome whistler, orchestral vocals, choirs, a pop vocal group here, a fuzz guitar riff there. At thirty minutes in, the jazz piano coming out of the left speaker collides with the distinctive, familiar theme of The Good, Bad and The Ugly which, in turn, gets buried under a syrupy orchestra. A tornado of sound, dizzying, nightmarish and exhilarating".

Ten easy listening records resequenced according to the theories of the Muzak Corporation and then superimposed onto each other.

“Ten easy listening records played at the same time (either in 'two-second gaps' or 'variable gaps') that take you right up above the muzak ether.”......David Cotner

Disc 1: X10r.1 incorporates a two second gap which means there’s a brief calming period between one barrage of sound to the next, but with no complete silence on the entire CD.

Disc 2: X10r.2 is the same as its predecessor (even begins the same way) but this one uses a variable gap which alters the entire piece from its predecessor. 

Transparency Label 2002 Release /Double C.D. Set (2 X CD's) - Edition of 1000 - Experimental Sound /Muzak - Price: $12.00