Friday, October 12, 2012

THE MAGICK OF ALEISTER CROWLEY: A Handbook of Rituals of Thelema

THE MAGICK OF ALEISTER CROWLEY: A Handbook of Rituals of Thelema

By Lon Milo DuQuette

Aleister Crowley was infamously known as 'The Great Beast 666' and 'The Wickedest Man in the World'... Unfortunately this infamy often eclipsed his teachings, as did his technical and opaque writing style, meant more for adepts contemporary to him than the average modern reader. In this book Lon Milo DuQuette deciphers and explains Crowley’s texts and his more important rituals.

'The Magick of Aleister Crowley' is a clear introduction to the works of Crowley by a modern master of the occult. DuQuette takes the mystery out of both the rituals themselves and Crowley’s writing in this modern grimoire. Step by step, he presents a course of study in plain English, with examples of rituals and explanations of their significance. DuQuette also includes a course of study for Crowley’s system of 'Scientific Illuminism' with an extensive bibliography and fastidious footnotes. This revised edition features extensive corrections, a new introduction, and a new chapter of rituals, "The Rites of Eleusis."

Samuel Weiser Books - 2003 Edition - 261 Page Paperback - B&W Illustrations - Esoteric/Occult/Thelema/Magick/Philosophy/Metaphysics/Ritual - PRICE: $15.00

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