Saturday, January 29, 2011

TOKYO SEX UNDERGROUND: Fetish Photography by Romain Slocombe

TOKYO SEX UNDERGROUND: Black and White Fetish Photography Book
By Romain Slocombe

Introduction by Jack Sargeant

Sex clubs, hostess bars, love hotels, soap parlours, fetish parties, stage shows and porno factories; all across Tokyo a thriving sex industry is populated with beautiful, enigmatic young women.

Photographer Romain Slocombe, a frequent visitor to japan, has documented many aspects of this scene and its participants - rope masters, bondage models, porn actresses, prostitutes and party girls are randomly photographed at work, play or otherwise - some are posed, others aren't even aware they are being photographed.

This provocative selection of Slocombe's photo images provides us with a glimpse of erotic Japanese culture by a European 'outsider'.

Medical Fetish, Bondage, Nurses, Schoolgirls, Erotica, Tattoos etc...

Slocombe Thanks, Trevor Brown, Master Horiwaka, Hisashi Kanai, Ryoichi Maeda, Nawashi Murakawa, Yuka Nakamori, Takao Nakano, Yamoto Noda, Master Chimuo Nureki, Makoto Ohrui, Fumihiko 'Goldman' Takeuchi and many other important players in Japan's sex, porn and bondage community - Over 90 black & white photos - At back of the book are captions describing each photo.

Creation Books 2000 Edition - No Page Count - Large Format Paperback - Black & White Fetish Photography - ADULT MATERIAL - Price: $20.00

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