Saturday, January 29, 2011

THE SEED: Unusual Science Fiction Novel - by Davide De Angelis

THE SEED: Science Fiction Novel
By Davide De Angelis

Erotic and spell-binding prose streaming through realms of phenomenal danger and vibrant beauty - exhilarating layers of adventure, myth and philosophy enriched with eye opening metaphysics - science fiction filled with the incandescence of dreams.

The Dreamweaver - Storyteller, Soundshaper and cult figure to millions, journeys deep into the realm of dreams to retrieve a powerful, healing story from Sunixlan, the Dream-Shaman - but to his horror he learns the Shaman has been destroyed and replaced by a dark, intoxicating Sorceress named Talis. She promises to teach him the mind-altering language of the Sirens but he must first embark on a deadly mission for the mysterious enchantress.

"De Angelis' prose is vital, weird and as devious as his image making, Enthralling!" --- David Bowie

Creation Books - 192 Page Paperback - Science Fiction/ Novel - Price: $12.00

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