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DARK STAR: The Satanic Rites of Gilles de Rais - by Various Authors

DARK STAR: The Satanic Rites of Gilles de Rais - by Various Authors

The spectre of Gilles de Rais the satanist child-killer, eclipses French history like a 'dark star'. A fallen general, once the champion of Joan of Arc, whose experimentations in cruelty led him through the very Gates of Hell.

His obscene crimes and decadent aristocratic glamour have created an enduring legend of mythic proportions. This collection of essays, quotations, excerpts and fiction from some of the most famous authors in recent centuries evoke a chilling portrait of one of the most sinister figures in the annals of European history and mass murder.

After Joan of Arc was captured, Gilles de Rais fled to the safety of his castles in France where he began a steady spiral downwards - one of his first murders was committed in the presence of the sadistic sorcerer Prelati - in Prelati's chambers in the castle - Gilles seized a young boy and slashed his throat - from that moment on he had found his one true passion in life - the torture and murder of children - and where ever he went, children would disappear, never to be seen again - the final number of his victims will never be known but some say it could be as high as 800 deaths....

Authors Include:

Georges Bataille
Blaise Cendrars
J.K. Huysmans
Valentine Penrose
Jean Genet
Marquis de Sade
Andre Breton
Arthur Rimbaud
Gustave Flaubert
Richard Thoma
James Havoc
Charles Perrault

and many others.....

Creation Books - 2005 Edition - 302 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - History/ True Crime/ Collection/ Satanic/ Mass Murder - PRICE: $15.00

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