Tuesday, October 4, 2016

HOLLYWOOD HEX: Death and Destiny in the Dream Factory

HOLLYWOOD HEX: Death and Destiny in the Dream Factory - An Illustrated History of Cursed Movies

By Mikita Brottman

Twilight of the Idols:
From the myths of old Hollywood to recent on-screen accidents - the motion picture industry has long been associated with violent and untimely death - Hollywood has always been a magnet for suicides, murders, mysterious accidents, brutal mayhem and now the ruthless paparazzi - the simple fact is, in the age of motion pictures, human death has become an inescapable part of show business - on and off screen.

Hollywood Hex is a study of films that have, in one way or another, resulted in death and destruction - Some are directly responsible for the accidental deaths of those involved in their creation - others have caused tragedy indirectly by inspiring serial killers, copycat crimes, psychotic behavior in audiences, and/or bizarre coincidences.

These "cursed" films include The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, Twilight Zone-The Movie, Macbeth, Poltergeist and The Crow to name a few - films that have become notorious in their role as inadvertent documents on the subject of human mortality.

Creation Books Publishing, 1999 Edition - 201 page paperback - b&w photos & images - Includes film index - Price: $15.00

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