Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The SECRET DOCTRINE of the ROSICRUCIANS ~ by Magus Incognito

Arcane Knowledge Revealed - The Rosicrucians are a truly secret society whose philosophy and influence comes to light at many different points throughout history. In the 1600's the Rosicrucians issued a series of manifestos calling for an 'enlightened revolution of mankind' - the society still exists today.

This book was first published in 1918 by Magus Incognito a.k.a. William Walker Atkinson the famous occultist and author with a dozen or more 'pen names.'

Some Topics Included: Brothers of the Rosy Cross / History of the Rosicrucians / Esoteric Teachings / Higher Alchemy / The Legend of Christian Rosenkreutz / The Eternal Parent / Sleep of Cosmic Night / Infinite Space / Before the Universe / Flame of the Spirit / Formless Existence / Soul of the World / Cosmic Germ / Cosmic Egg / Birth of Sex / One Becomes Two-Two Becomes One / Androgyne / Cross & Circle / The Descent Into Matter / The One and the Many / Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human, Super Human, Gods / Universal Flame of Life / Symbol of Flaming Fire / Living Crystals / Seven Planes of Consciousness / Intelligence of Plants / Rosicrucian Secret Doctrine Confirmed by Modern Science etc...etc...

Samuel Weiser Books - 222 Page Paperback w/ few b&w Illustrations - PRICE: $18.00

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