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THE CARNIVALS OF LIFE & DEATH: My Profane Youth 1913-1935 - By James Shelby Downard


My Profane Youth 1913-1935

By James Shelby Downard

“The most absurd, the most incredible, the most ridiculous Illuminati theory of them all.”
— Robert Anton Wilson, author of The Illuminatus! Trilogy

James Shelby Downard is without doubt one of the most controversial conspiracy theorists of the 20th century -- In his essay “ King-Kill 33° ” Downard has notoriously laid out the involvement of Freemasonry in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy -- 'The Carnivals of Life and Death' is Downard’s autobiographical account of his early years in the deep South, when Ku Klux Klansmen and Freemasons, pulled him into many strange and violent affairs.

Downard does furious battle with both factions and many others. 'Hoodwinked' and set up time and time again, he narrowly escapes numerous attempts on his life. All the while the continuous message of importance seems to be 'nothing is as it seems'.

Adam Parfrey, who introduced Downard to readers in his Apocalypse Culture book compilations, provides the Foreword, based on his personal experiences with the reclusive and now-deceased conspiracy theorist. A real roller-coaster ride of a read !


Masonry and the Downardian Nightmare: Foreword by Adam Parfrey

Long Introduction by James Shelby Downard:

Sorcerers and Specters Of Cowans and Coffins
The Elus and Their Sub-Contractors
Of Sheep and Goats
The Sorcery of Computerized Mind Control
Seeing Past and Future Through a Teardrop
Mesmeric and Magnetic Masonry
 The City of the Dreadful Night
Corpus Mysticum of the Past



Chapter 1: The Littlest Bootlegger - 1918
Chapter 2: My Little Alice Blue Gown and Golems - 1918
Chapter 3: The Magical Mystery Tour - 1919
Chapter 4: The Land of Enchantment - 1920
Chapter 5: Little Dixie - 1921-1922
Chapter 6: The Blue Front Cafe on Bloody Elm - 1922
Chapter 7: The Snake Charmer and the Three Assassins - 1923
Chapter 8: My First Gun - 1924
Chapter 9: Cagliostro's Treasure House - 1925
Chapter 10: Re-Tramatization and Radiesthesia - 1925
Chapter 11: Monster Manby and the Switcheroo - 1925
Chapter 12: The Quarry - 1926
Chapter 13: Pipelines and Tunnels - 1926
Chapter 14: Military Complicity in Conspiracies of Silence - 1929
Chapter 15: 'Deja Vu' - 1930
Chapter 16: Into the Tomb - 1931
Chapter 17: Dayton Witch and the State Dept's Black Chamber - 1931
Chapter 18: FDR and the Million Dollar Check - 1931
Chapter 19: Procter Takes A Gamble - 1931
Chapter 20: 'Uncle Brad' - 1931
Chapter 21:  Graduation - 1932
Chapter 22: Mr. Zangara - 1933
Chapter 23: The Hanged Man - 1933
Chapter 24: The Military Vendetta - 1933
Chapter 25: Immortals and Illuminati - 1933
Chapter 26: Immortals and Familia - 1933
Chapter 27: Mind Molestation - 1933
Chapter 28: Masonic Sex Circuses - 1934
Chapter 29: Soul Money and Treasure Troves - 1934
Chapter 30: The Eastern Temple - 1934
Chapter 31: Colonel Bunker the Handler -1934
Chapter 32: 'Wild Bill' Donovan's OSS Baker Street Irregulars - 1934
Chapter 33: Of Prophecy and Highbrow Deceit - 1934
Chapter 34: The Chicken Caper - 1934-1935

"Because the dead and deadening scenery of the American city of dreadful night is so utterly devoid of mystery, so thoroughly flat-footed, sterile and infantile, so burdened with the illusory gloss of  'baseball-hot dogs-apple pie and Chevrolet'  that it is somehow outside the psycho-sexual domain. The eternal pagan psychodrama is escalated under these 'modern' conditions precisely because sorcery is not what twentieth century man can accept as real."  --- James Shelby Downard from his essay: " King Kill 33* "

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