Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ALEISTER CROWLEY: The Biography - Spiritual Revolutionary & Magus - by Tobias Churton

ALEISTER CROWLEY: The Biography - by Tobias Churton
Spiritual Revolutionary, Romantic Explorer, Occult Master and Spy !!

The extraordinary true story of one of the most vilified men of all time - known in his lifetime, and for ever after as the world's most wicked man - Aleister Crowley. This book incorporates 20 years of fresh research that includes previously unpublished documents, correspondence and rare photographs. A definitive account of the philosopher, explorer, mountaineer, prophet, artist, magus and one time spy, who both captivated and appalled millions in his lifetime and beyond the grave.

Although it has been 60 years since his death, Aleister Crowley is still shrouded in mystery and infamy that has sealed his reputation as a controversial figure in his time - and that reputation is still intact to this very day. Tobias Churton has set out to untangle a century of scandal and unfounded accusations that persuaded the world that Crowley was a traitor, black magician, drug addict, sexual deviant and anti-social outcast.

Watkins Publishing - 2011 Edition - 474 Page Hardcover - Many Illustrations - PRICE: $25.00

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