Thursday, January 19, 2012

BODY PROBE: Torture Garden 2 - Mutating Physical Boundaries/ Extreme Fetish

BODY PROBE: Torture Garden 2

Mutating Physical Boundaries/ Extreme Fetish

Edited by David Wood

This book is the sequel to Torture Garden - It is an anthology collection of Fashion Mutation, Medical Fetishism, Body Modification, Cyborg Sex, Extreme Art, Erotica, Performance, S/M Art, Deviation and much much more... A very complicated and interesting book compiled from the furthest outer fringes of counter-culture -- Absolute sensory overload !!

Over 100 black and white images and over 50 color plates of mind blowing imagery.


The New Flesh
Robot Artists
Towards The Medical (Medical Fetish)
Nick Knight Interview by David Wood (Skinheads, Photography,Violence)
Stelarc Interview (Body Suspension, Extreme Performance, Cyborg Mechanics)
Sex in Space
Breaking Out of the Reality Asylum (Hermann Nitsch & Orgies Mysteries Theatre)
Franko B. (Extreme Performance, Blood, Beauty & Bravery)
Mark E. Garbs & Frank Van Saper (Extreme Fetish Costumes)
S&M Art (More Than A Matter of Taste)
Self Made Freak (Hybrids & Mutations, Bodies in Transition)
Alex Binnie Interview (Tattoo Artist, Tribal Tattoos etc..)
Ron Athey Interview (Extreme Performance Artist)
David Cronenberg (Even Dying is an Act of Eroticism)
Alien Abduction & Fetishism
Fashion & Body Mutation
Cyborg Sex
Jake & Dinos Make Monsters (Jake Chapman Extreme Art)
Orlan Interview
Gender Chameleon (Del La Grace Volcano)
Virtual Mentalities & Virtual Physicalities

Creation Books 1999 Edition - 192 Page Paperback - Extreme Fetish Art/Culture - Heavily Illustrated in color and in black & white - ADULT MATERIAL - Price: $20.00

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