Sunday, September 25, 2011

SEX AND ROCKETS: The Occult World of Jack Parsons - by John Carter

SEX AND ROCKETS: The Occult World of Jack Parsons
By John Carter

Foreword by Robert Anton Wilson

The Mysterious Life and Death of Jack Parsons -- In his short 37 years, John Whiteside “Jack” Parsons embodied several different roles in one tormented but glorious life.

By day, Parsons’ unorthodox genius created a solid rocket fuel that helped the Allies win World War II and NASA send spacecraft to the moon. He was the co-founder of Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Aerojet Corporation, and a lunar crater on the dark side of the moon was named after Parsons.

By night, Parsons called himself 'The Antichrist' when he performed Aleister Crowley’s Thelemic rituals to try and create a new sort of human being that would finally destroy Christianity.

In a Pasadena mansion, the dark, handsome Parsons hosted soirees for the young emerging literature of science fiction, visited by writers such as Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, and none other than L. Ron Hubbard himself, who later founded the Church of Scientology.

With L. Ron Hubbard acting as his “Scribe”, Parsons enacted dark “Babylon” rituals to help foment a new occult age - but Jack Parsons dies suddenly in a huge, mysterious explosion that even today cannot be definitively explained. Was it murder ? Suicide ? Conspiracy ? Or just an accident?

Feral House Books - 239 page paperback - Illustrated - PRICE: $16.00

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Monday, September 19, 2011

FOAM OF THE DAZE - Absurd Novel / Bizarre Fiction by Boris Vian

FOAM OF THE DAZE (L'Ecume des Jours) - Novel/Fiction By Boris Vian

Boris Vian was an engineer, inventor, chronicler of jazz, trumpet player, poet, creator of spectacles and scandals, lyric writer, singer, novelist, and of course pataphysician.

Tam Tam Books publication of Boris Vian's masterpiece FOAM OF THE DAZE (L'Ecume des Jours) with a new translation by Brian Harper has the full approval of the Vian estate.

FOAM OF THE DAZE is a jazz fueled Science Fiction story that is both romantic and nihilistic! Vian's novel is an assortment of bittersweet romance, absurdity and the frailty of life. It is a nimble-fingered masterpiece that is witty and incredibly moving. IT IS THE STORY OF A WEALTHY YOUNG MAN, COLIN, AND THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE, CHLOE, WHO DEVELOPS A WATER LILY IN HER LUNG!

"The most heartbreakingly poignant modern love story ever written"
--- Raymond Queneau

"A kind of jazzy, cheerful, sexy, sci-fi mid 20th century Huysmans..."
--- Richard Hell

Tam Tam Books - 261 Page Paperback - Absurd Novel/Fiction - Price: $16.00

AUTUMN IN PEKING - Absurd Novel / Bizarre Fiction by Boris Vian

AUTUMN IN PEKING (L'Automne à Pékin)

Novel/Fiction By Boris Vian - Translated from French by Paul Knobloch

Introduction by Marc Lapprand

Boris Vian was a jack of all trades - he was a songwriter, playwright, singer, jazz critic, pataphysician and novelist, among other things. Vian's 1947 novel Autumn in Peking (L'Automne à Pékin) is perhaps his most slapstick work - which included an extra amount of despair in its exotic recipe for a violent cocktail.

The story takes place in the imaginary desert called Exopotamie where all the leading characters take part in the building of a train station with tracks that go nowhere. Houses and buildings are destroyed to build this unnecessary structure.

Exopotamie is a thinly disguised version of Paris, where after the war the city started changing its previous centuries of architecture into something more modern. Yes, something dull to take the place of what was once exciting and mysterious.

Vian, in a mixture of great humor and a huge amount of disgust, introduces various 'eccentric' characters in this 'desert' adventure, all of them in a world similar to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, where there is a tinge of darkness and anything is possible, except happiness.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

THE LOVECRAFT LEXICON: A Reader's Guide to Persons, Places and Things in the Tales of H. P. Lovecraft - by Anthony Pearsall

THE LOVECRAFT LEXICON: A Reader's Guide to Persons, Places and Things in the Tales of H. P. Lovecraft - by Anthony Pearsall

Although he died in 1937, Howard Phillips Lovecraft's remarkable body of work lives on - including the classics 'The Dunwich Horror' and 'The Call of Cthulhu' his stories continue to astound and amaze a large and varied audience - with elements of Magic, Horror and Fantasy his worlds are very complex - filled with a daunting array of bizarre and obscure characters, creatures, monsters, caves, caverns, abysses things, places and recurring themes - quite a task for anyone to figure out.

So, Anthony Pearsall has done just that - From 'Abbadon' (the demon) to 'Zuro' (a river) The Lovecraft Lexicon is a definitive guide to this incredible universe with hundreds of meticulously researched entries - a catalog of persons, places and things mentioned through-out Lovecraft's vast writings - the first 25 pages are an accurate biography of H. P. Lovecraft -- Massive in it's scope, this is a huge 472 Page Paperback Guide Book - Very Thorough and Inclusive - No Illustrations.

*NOTE: There is one flaw - Page 125 and Page 127 are the same - I read you can find the missing info on the publishers web-site.

New Falcon Press Publication - 2005 Stated First Edition - 472 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - Literary Criticism/ Bio/ Guide Book/ Collection/ Lexicon/ Catalog - PRICE: $20.00

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

REBELS & DEVILS: The Psychology of Liberation - Edited by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.

REBELS & DEVILS: The Psychology of Liberation - Edited by Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.

A Collection of Essays by some of the most talented, controversial and rebellious writers of all time. Some are very famous, and others are lesser known - Independent minds that think and act according to standards from within, not from without - to follow one's own path, not that of the masses. Every article and in every aspect of their lives, these contributors have but one focus - to bring freedom to their own worlds. These writers oppose authority and established conventions - in other words they are 'Rebels' - and when those in power recognize their disobedience, the 'Rebel' becomes the 'Devil'

With Contributions By:

William S. Burroughs // Timothy Leary // Robert Anton Wilson // Austin Osman Spare // Aleister Crowley // Israel Regardie // Jack Parsons // James Wasserman // Osho Rajneesh // Peter J. Carroll // Genesis P. Orridge // Phil Hine // Lon Milo DuQuette -- and many others....

New Falcon Publications - 2008 Edition - 428 Page Paperback - B&W Illustrations - Counter Culture/ Occult/ Anthology/ Collection/ Essays/ Rebellion/ Esoteric/ Revolution/ Satan/ Anarchy - PRICE: $20.00

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BLORP ESETTE: Collector's Edition - 4x C.D. Set - by The Los Angeles Free Music Society (L.A.F.M.S.)

BLORP ESETTE: Collector's Edition - 70 Tracks - 4 x C.D. Set - by The Los Angeles Free Music Society (L.A.F.M.S.)

Reissued and Remastered Legendary 70 Track Four (4x) C.D. Set with 32 Page Booklet

Includes Cover Art and Artworks by DON VAN VLIET (Capt. Beefheart)

One RARE 'CHRISTIAN DEATH' Track included

Remastered in June 2011 by Ju Suk Reet Meate

Crazy, Noisy, Disturbing, Unlistenable, Art Brut, Damaged, Experimental 'Music' ??

Includes Tracks by:

Disc One:

Dr. Odd // Electric Willy // Daniel Stewart // Cheezit Ritz // Reet-Craig // Smegma // Mr. Foon // The Patients // Wolf Loop // The Professor // DK Reet Meat // Le Forte Four // Gods of the Pits // Smegma // Ace // Ju Suk Reet Meate // Mr. Foon's Bandaloon // Frank Bedal // Gage Kenady // Ace Farren Ford // Ed Berger // Smegma // The Reverend Toad Eater // Electric Willy Trio // The Di-De-Dos

Disc Two:

Bix Flent & Stoning Dead Dolphins // Ace & Duce // Amy DeWolfe // Rick Potts // Doo-Dooettes // Larry Fischer & Smegma // Patrick Dutchboy Lubotamy // Henry Kaiser // Reet-Craig // Mr. Foon // Electric Willy Trio // Larry Fischer & Smegma // Dennis Duck // Joe Potts // Smegma & Harry Halibut // Electric Willy Trio // Reverend Toad Eater // Reverend Toad Eater // Los Grifos Band & Ju Suk Reet Meate // The Patients // Chip Chapman // Sucme of the Spud // Ace & Duck // The Child Molesters // Charles Wasserburg

Disc Three:

Frank Rietta & Jimmy Belton // Ace AOS // Jerry Bishop // Smegma // Ark Welding & Ace Farren Ford // Mr. Foon // Hurtin' Bros. // Dr. ID // Lance Growler Richard Snyder // Smegma // Ace Farren Ford // Alcool Mike Russel // Electric Bill Trio // Nopar King // Smegma // Hurtin' Bros. // Christian Death // South Pasadena Free Music Ensemble // South Pasadena Free Music Ensemble // South Pasadena Free Music Ensemble // Lance Growler Richard Snyder // Gage Kenady // Frank & Phil Rietta

Disc Four:

Doo-Dooettes // The Los Angeles Free Music Society Marching Band (8 Tracks Recorded Live at the Pasadena Doo-Dah Parade 1978) // Ju Suk Reet Meate // Electric Bill // Ace AOS // Reverend Marty Nation // Quanternium // Anne Harney

Transparency 2011 Release - 70 Tracks - 4 CD Set w/ 32 Page Booklet - PRICE: $30.00

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