Sunday, February 27, 2011

AMOK JOURNAL: Sensurround Edition - Edited by Stuart Swezey

AMOK JOURNAL: Sensurround Edition Edited by Stuart Swezey

Amok Journal: A compendium of psycho-physiological investigations compiled from the furthest reaches of forensic medicine, sexology, psychiatry, anthropology and hard science research. The focus of this compilation is the pursuit of a neurobiological basis for mystical and ecstatic experience.

The Amok Journal: Sensurround Edition brings together accounts of the search for the erotic in the mechanical, the sublime in the visceral, and the spiritual in the electromagnetic, from explorations of the subtle effects of infrasound to death-defying grasps at the ultimate orgasm. The field of inquiry is the prodigious psychic démi-monde of hallucination, schizophrenia, religious fervor, ecstatic possession, sexual obsession, mass hysteria, and private ritual, as documented by the rational methodology of science. Heavily and graphically illustrated.

Topics include:

•Auto-erotic fatalities
•Self-mutilation/amputee fetish
•Infrasound/low frequency noise
•Mondo Film
•Cargo Cults
•N.S.K./Laibach/totalitarian art

“It belongs alongside Krafft-Ebbing’s Psychopathia Sexualis and Bataille’s Erotism: Death and Sensuality in any well-appointed library of the unusual.” — Bay Guardian

AMOK BOOKS - 488 Page Paperback · Heavily Illustrated b&w - EXTREME ADULT CONTENT ! - Price: $20.00

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AMOK JOURNAL: Auto-Erotic Fatalities Section (self-inflicted)

Friday, February 4, 2011

TWILIGHT OF THE MACHINES by John Zerzan - Green Anarchy / Anti Technology

TWILIGHT OF THE MACHINES: Green Anarchy/ Anti-technology
By John Zerzan

“The crisis deepens. Everyday life is plundered as much as the physical environment. Our predicament points us toward a solution. The voluntary abandonment of the industrial mode of existence is not self-renunciation, but a healing return.” — from Twilight of the Machines

The mentor of the green anarchist and neo-primitive movements is back with his first book in six years, confronting civilization, mass society, modernity and techno-culture — both the history of its developing crisis and the possibilities for its human and humane solutions.

As John Zerzan writes, “These dire times may yet reveal invigorating new vistas of thought and action. When everything is at stake, all must be confronted and superseded. At this moment, there is the distinct possibility of doing just that.”

John Zerzan can now credibly claim the honor of being America’s most famous anarchist. His writing is sharp, uncompromising, and tenacious.”—Derrick Jensen, Utne Reader

Previous works from John Zerzan include Elements of Refusal, Future Primitive, Against Civilization, Running on Emptiness, and Questioning Technology. He has also contributed to Apocalypse Culture, Telos, and Fifth Estate. An Oregonian with degrees from Stanford University and San Francisco State University, he is an editor for Green Anarchy magazine.

Today we have all the technology we want at our fingertips, yet it has never been harder to make ends meet !!

Feral House Books - 2010 Edition - 140 Page Paperback - PRICE: $12.00 - Green Anarchy/ Anti-technology/ Cultural Criticism

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

THE IMAGE: by Jean de Berg - Erotic Fiction

THE IMAGE: by Jean de Berg
Cover Illustration by Hans Bellmer

THE IMAGE is a famous classic erotic novel of bondage, dominance and submission in the tradition of 'The Story of O' - and is ultimately a bizarre love story itself - The narrator is assisted by Claire in the domination of the subservient Anne, in a series of sexually explicit scenarios.

Originally written anonymously - the author was Jean de Berg a pseudonym for the French actress/writer Catherine Robbe-Grillet - the preface was written by Pauline Reage - author of 'The Story of O'.

One of only five erotic novels credited with true literary status by Susan Sontag - along with Pierre Louys' 'The She Devils', George Bataille's 'Story of the Eye' & his 'Madame Edwarda' and 'The Story of O' by Pauline Reage.

Creation Books - Classic Erotica/Fiction/Novel/BD&SM - ADULT Content - 109 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - Price: $12.00

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