Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SUN RA Live in London 1970 - Double CD Set

SUN RA Live in London 1970 Double CD Set

Two musical sets recorded live at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London on November 9, 1970 - their debut UK concert.   

FEATURING: Sun Ra (Farfisa organ, Hohner Clavinet, piano, Rocksichord, Spacemaster organ, Mini-Moog synthesizer, Hohner Electra, vocals); Kwame Hadi (trumpet, percussion): Akh Tal Ebah (trumpet, space dimension mellophone); Marshall Allen, Danny Davis, John Gilmore, Absholom Den Shiomo, Danny Ray Thompson, Pat Patrick, Eloe Omoe, Robert Cummings (reeds, percussion); Alan Silva (violin, viola, cello, bass); Al Batin Nur (English horn); Alex Blake (bass); Lex Humphries (drums); James Jacson (large drum, oboe, flute); Nimrod Hunt (hand drums); Roger Aralamon Hazoume (African percussion); Gloristeena Knight (percussion); June Tyson (vocals)

Track Listing:

Disc One:
1. Intro Improv/Drum Ensemble
2. Walking On The Moon
3. Outer Spaceways Incorporated
4. untitled
5. The Shadow World
6. untitled
7. Watusi
8. Theme Of The Stargazers
9. Life Is Splendid
10. Moog Solo

Disc Two:
1. untitled
2. untitled
3. Planet Earth
4. Second Stop Is Jupiter/Myth vs. Reality/End Of The World
5. untitled

Transparency CD Release, 2010 - Double (2x) CD Set - Avant Garde/Experimental/ Classic Jazz - PRICE: $20.00

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Monday, November 29, 2010

SUN RA and His INTERGALACTIC SOLAR RESEARCH ARKESTRA - Live in Helsinki 1971 - 2x CDs with DVD set

SUN RA and the ARKESTRA - Live in Helsinki 1971

Transparency Double (2x) CD Set with DVD (Region 0)

 The complete documentation of a rare Finnish performance by the Sun Ra Arkestra - the material recorded in Helsinki on October 14, 1971 is presented here in a 2 CD package with a bonus DVD! The CDs feature both the first and second sets of the evening - and was recorded by the Finnish broadcasting company, so the quality is very good and well-recorded, with as much clarity as some of the better-known live Arkestra albums of the time. The DVD features an TV interview with Sun Ra, recorded in black and white during the same trip to Finland -- really great footage! (DVD is Region 0.)

The group's in wonderful form -- a fairly large lineup, given the Scandinavian trip - and they run through modes that are spacey, spiritual, and straight. Players include Kwame Hadi, Marshall Allen, John Gilmore, Danny Davis, James Jacson, Pat Patrick, Danny Ray Thompson and June Tyson sings some really wonderful vocals on the recording as well.

Titles include "Love In Outer Space", "Watusi", "Enlightenment", "Theme Of The Stargazers", "To Nature's God", "Somewhere Else", "Second Stop Is Jupiter", and "The Satellites Are Spinning".

Transparency Release - 2x CD + DVD Set - Sun Ra and the Arkestra - Live in Helsinki 1971 - Avant Garde/Experimental/ Classic Jazz - Double/2 x CD with DVD SET - PRICE: $25.00

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

DESTROY: Sex Pistols 1977 - Black and White Photo Book - by Dennis Morris

DESTROY: Sex Pistols 1977 - Black and White Photo Book - by Dennis Morris

In 1977 Dennis Morris was asked by Johnny Rotten to be the Sex Pistols official photographer - so for a year he followed the band around photographically documenting the choas of their short and incendiary career.

This book, 'DESTROY' is a collection of the best of those photos. Many photos were taken on the infamous boat ride down the Thames on 'jubilee weekend' to celebrate the Virgin label's release of the single 'God Save the Queen' - the Sex Pistols played on board the boat while a crowd of friends and fans watched - among those present were Malcolm MacLaren, Vivienne Westwood, Richard Branson and a host of others.

Hundreds of dramatic black and white photos by Dennis Morris of the Sex Pistols at the height of their infamy!!

Creation Books 1998 Edition - No Page Count - Large Format Paperback - PRICE - $15.00

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010




*Various Bands / Electronica / Electro Pop / Art Rock / Vintage

The 'Softcore Jukebox' CD was released October 7th 2003 on the Emperor Norton Label - It is an 18 track compilation C.D. put together by the members of the band LADYTRON - it features an assortment of songs by various bands from several genres - It includes two songs performed by LADYTRON; the Remix of 'Blue Jeans' and an amazing electro thrash cover of TWEET'S 'Oops Oh My' - also includes an ass kicking remix version of FANNYPACK'S 'Hey Mami' - NOT TO MENTION one of my all time FAVORITE SONGS 'Teenage Daughter' by the Band FAT TRUCKERS - The CD Cover appears to be a homage to ROXY MUSIC'S 'Country Life' Album Cover and the band's name LADYTRON is a reference to ROXY MUSIC as well --- Also Includes: MY BLOODY VALENTINE, THE FALL, WIRE, SHOCKING BLUE, NANCY SINATRA/LEE HAZLEWOOD etc.... Great Collection !!!

Track Listing:

1. Soon --- by My Bloody Valentine
2. Hit the North: Part 1 --- by The Fall
3. What's a Girl To Do --- by Cristina
4. Peng –-- by Dondolo
5. The 15th –-- by Wire
6. Blue Jeans 2.0 –-- by Ladytron
7. Saviour Piece –-- by Snap Ant
8. Big –-- by New Fast Automatic Daffodils
9. Feel Good Hit of the Fall –-- by !!!
10. Teenage Daughter –-- by Fat Truckers
11. Hey Mami (Sharaz Mix) –-- by Fannypack
12. Manila (Headman Remix) –-- by Seelenluft
13. You Got the Love –-- by The Source
14. Crazy Girls –-- by Codec & Flexor
15. Oops Oh My --- by Ladytron
16. Send Me a Postcard –-- by Shocking Blue
17. Twins –-- by Pop Levi
18. Some Velvet Morning –-- by Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra

Emperor Norton 2003 CD Release - Electro / Art Rock Compilation - Price: $15.00

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