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SEVERED: The True Story of the Black Dahlia Murder - by John Gilmore

SEVERED: The True Story of the Black Dahlia Murder

By John Gilmore
The grisly 1947 murder of aspiring starlet and nightclub habituĂ© Elizabeth Short, known even before her death as the “Black Dahlia,” has over the decades transmogrified from L.A.'s crime of the century to an almost mythical symbol of Hollywood Babylon/film noir glamour-cum-sordidness.
SEVERED, a true-crime book published on the strangest of all “unsolved” murders in the annals of modern crime, offers the documented solution to the case as endorsed by law enforcement and forensic science experts. It is appropriate that hard-boiled, Hollywood-born author John Gilmore, whose father was an LAPD officer at the time of the murder, should be the one to unravel the multilayered mystery of this archetypal Los Angeles slaying, having begun his painstaking investigations into the case over thirty-five years ago.
Gilmore tells several previously unrevealed stories at once, each filled with its own bizarre elements through which SEVERED transcends the true crime genre. One is the tale of victim Elizabeth Short, small-town beauty queen with big hopes, who seemed to float through her tragically futile life as an alluring yet doom-laden enigma. Another is the tangled inside story of the police investigation and the remorseless, Hearststoked press hoopla that paralled it. Finally Gilmore reveals the twisted psychology and down-and-out life story of the actual murderer— as well as the startling circumstances and gruesome details of the killer's indirect confessions to him. SEVERED contains a thirty-two-page photo section with many never before-published photos from the life of Elizabeth Short and from the case, including graphic crime scene and postmortem police photos.
"The most satisfying and disturbing conclusion to the Black Dahlia case... " -- David Lynch

"My god this is a frightening tale...." -- Kenneth Anger

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MEGATHERION: Magickal World of Aleister Crowley - by Francis King

MEGATHERION: The Magickal World of Aleister Crowley -- By Francis King

Aleister Crowley (1875 –1947) was the synthesizer of what he termed as “Magick”, a system of occult philosophy and technique outlined in such classic texts as THE BOOK OF THE LAW and MAGICK IN THEORY AND PRACTICE.

In this highly readable account of Crowley’s occult progress, Francis King examines each of the three main sources of Magick – other planes of existence, human will-power and the links between macrocosm and microcosm - this brings new light to Crowley himself and does much to explain the continued respect and admiration for his writings after all these years by such diverse individuals as occultists, artists, writers, musicians, film makers and others. Includes 12 pages of black and white photographs.

CONTENTS: The Magical Decade/ The Golden Dawn/ The Book of the Law/ Towards the Silver Star/ Choronzon/ The Rites of Eleusis/ Book Four/ Western Tantrism/ The Departure and Later Life of Neuburg/ Sexual Wisdom/ America/ Leah Hirsig/ The End of the Abbey/ Wanderings of a Magician/ Twilight of a Master/ A Magical Revival and a Death/ The Aftermath

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