Tuesday, August 24, 2010

UGLY THINGS: Music Magazine - Retro, Surf, Garage Rock, Psychedelic and Beyond.

UGLY THINGS: Music Magazine
Retro, Garage, Surf, Rock, Psychedelic and Beyond.

In This Issue: The Move/Trevor Burton Interview - Roky Erickson's Pre-Psychedelic Days - 13th Floor Elevator Box Set Review - Lost Beach Boy David Marks - The Dave Clark Five - The Spades - The Pretty Things - The New Dawn - The Candymen - The Good Feelins and tons more !!! Many many amazing black and white band photos - this magazine is a plethora of knowledge on well known and not-so-well known bands from the 60s, 70s and beyond.

Ugly Things Music Magazine - Large Format 208 Page Paperback with Glossy Cover - Price: $9.00

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DUMB ANGEL: The Life of Dennis Wilson (of the Beach Boys)

DUMB ANGEL: The Life of Dennis Wilson (of the Beach Boys) by Adam Webb - With Preface by Peter Buck of R.E.M.

"Dumb Angel" is said to have been an expression of Brian Wilson's insight into the character of his brother Dennis Wilson.

Dennis Wilson was the drummer of the band The Beach Boys - and was the only true surfer in the group. He died prematurely in 1983, shortly after marrying his cousin's illegitimate love child. Although he died early - he seemed to have still lived a very full life.

He indulged in copious amounts of sex and drugs, had dealings with Charles Manson and the Family, starred in the movie 'Two Lane Blacktop', was married several times, wrote and recorded on over twenty Beach Boy tracks and had many solo recordings as well.

Dumb Angel is a study which reveals the highs and lows of his amazing life and career - and the tragic details of his early death - focusing mainly on his true legacy, his voice and music.

Creation Books 2001 Edition - 189 Page Paperback - b&w Illustrations - PRICE: $15.00

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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Book by Jeremy Reed

An original study of Scott Walker, a real modern legend and cult figure -- Scott Walker and the short lived Walker Brothers hit the pop charts in 1965 and enjoyed huge popularity.

As a solo artist he quickly acquired world wide acclaim, but his distaste for media exposure and live performance led to the singer becoming a virtual recluse. His unique voice influenced later artists such as David Bowie, Julian Cope and Marc Almond.

This book follows Scott Walker's progress from music chart sensation and successful solo singer to the rarely glimpsed enigma with an attitude that was not well suited to stardom.

Creation Books 1998 Edition - 158 Page Paperback - 16 Pages of b&w photographs - Price: $15.00

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

THE GHOSTS OF SODOM: The Lost Journals of Marquis de Sade

THE GHOSTS OF SODOM: Lost Charenton Journals of Marquis de Sade
By Marquis de Sade

The Marquis de Sade's Charenton diaries were first published in France in 1970 upon their discovery in the family archives. They consist of two notebooks - one covers the period of June 1807 to August 1808 - the other July 18th to November 30th 1814 - ending just two days before his death on December 2nd 1814.

This book contains the everyday life of the old man, now 67 years of age - in the confines of Charenton Hospital Prison where he is under almost constant surveillance - also included are several letters from this period and the working notes to his terminal novel "The Days at Florbelle" - a huge work deemed so extreme that the only manuscript was burned by police at the request of de Sade's own son.

There were four notebooks altogether but only these have been found, the first and fourth - the second and third are still missing.

Creation Books 2003 Edition - 138 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - Price: $10.00

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THE TRIAL OF GILLES DE RAIS: Actual Trial Transcripts Annotated by Georges Bataille


Documents Presented by Georges Bataille

Translated from Latin by Pierre Klossowski

Georges Bataille presents the case of the most infamous villain of the Middle Ages: Gilles de Rais. Fascinated with the depths of human experience — the meeting points of sexuality, violence, ritual, spirituality, and death — Bataille examines with dispassionate clarity the legendary crimes, trials and confessions of this grotesque and still horrifying 15th-century child-murderer, sadist, alchemist, necrophile and practitioner of the Black Arts - He was also at one time a lieutenant to Joan of Arc - but after her execution as a witch, he began a steady decline into the depths of hell.

“This book about the notorious 15th-century serial killer of young children, written by France’s famous connoisseur of transgression — the man the surrealist Andre Breton labeled an ‘excremental philosopher’ — represents a marriage not made in heaven, perhaps, but surely nowhere on this earth - the fact is that The Trial of Gilles de Rais gives us Bataille at his most accessible — he had been trained as a medievalist librarian, after all — and is probably, taken in its entirety, the best thing now available in English on one of the most bizarre figures in European history.” — New York Times Book Review

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