Monday, July 19, 2010

AMOK FIFTH DISPATCH - Sourcebook of Extreme Information - Edited by Stuart Swezey

AMOK FIFTH DISPATCH: Sourcebook of Extreme Information

Edited by Stuart Swezey

Exhaustively researched, entertainingly annotated and provocatively illustrated guide to over two thousand of the most bizarre, controversial and thought-provoking books in print.

A huge reference book surveying the outer fringes of the Information Age, the Amok Fifth Dispatch presents in one volume the gauntlet of extreme literature available from hundreds of publishers worldwide - with a listing of each title accompanied by a description of the book.

The Amok Fifth Dispatch is arranged according to its own ground-breaking taxonomy, from “Control” (analysis of power structure from the trilateral Commission to the American Psychiatric Assn.) to “Mayhem” (true crime, disasters, forensic medicine) to “Neuropolitics” (psychedelia, parapsychology, brain chemistry) to “Orgone” (sexuality, the body, and the life -force) to ”Scratch 'n' Sniff” (pop culture & kitsch) and much more.

This huge sourcebook will no doubt bring to your attention book titles that you never knew existed. Heavily ILLUSTRATED with hundreds of 'Mind-Blowing' black and white images - no one comes away unscathed... The ultimate conversation starter/ coffee table book !!


Control Section: Anarchy, Baudrillard, Chomsky, Foucault, Situationists, Zapatista, Zion etc.

Exotica Section: Africa, Sir Richard Burton, Cargo Cults, Isabelle Eberhardt, Maya etc.

Mayhem Section: Cannibalism, Forensic Pathology, Serial Killers, True Crime etc.

Natas Section: Alchemy, Crowley, Gnosis, Kabbalah, LaVey, Spare, Thule, Vatican, Voodoo etc.

Neuropolitics Section: Burroughs, Dreams, Drugs, Leary, Sufi, R.A. Wilson etc.

Orgone Section: Death, Drag, Erotica, Nudism, Plague, Wilhelm Reich, Sex, etc.

Parallax Section: Black Panthers, Genocide, JFK, Masonic, Red Army Faction etc.

Research & Development Section: Charles Fort, Paranormal, Tesla, UFOs, etc.

Scratch 'n Sniff Section: Carney, Hot Rods, Last Prom, Manga, Pin-Ups, Punk, Skins, 3-D etc.

Sensory Deprivation: Art Brut, Cocteau, Dada, Surrealism, Szukalski, Warhol, John Waters etc.

Sleaze Section: Black Starlet, Censorship, Dino, Michael Jackson, William Shatner etc.

Tactics Section: Bombs, C-4, Martial Arts, Revenge, Self-Defense, Weaponry etc.

Title Index, Contributors, Publishers, etc.

Quotes About the Book:

"The benchmark sourcebook on deviant literature." --- Vanity Fair Magazine.

"The index of all that we hold obscure, perverse and dear." --- Esquire Magazine.

"A reading list from Hell that is a must for any serious oddball bibliophile." --- John Waters (film-maker)

"An impressive collection, absolutely definitive in many ways - one can almost say that there's no need to read anything that isn't in this catalog." --- J.G. Ballard (author of 'Crash')

"You think you're postmodern. You give to your local National Public Radio station. You write letters on behalf of prisoners of conscience. Jesse Helms makes your knee go into involuntary spasms. You are primed for First Amendment battles and believe you stand squarely on the side of the purists. Until you start to leaf through the Amok Fourth Dispatch." --- Publisher's Weekly

The previous sourcebook, the Amok Fourth Dispatch, became a must-read underground sensation and went on to sell over 50,000 copies.

Amok Books, 1999 Edition - Huge 561 Page Paperback - Heavily Illustrated in B&W - - **Some ADULT CONTENT** - Price: $15.00

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Friday, July 9, 2010


STARRY WISDOM: A Tribute to H.P. Lovecraft - A Collection of Stories by Various Authors

THE STARRY WISDOM: A Tribute to H.P. Lovecraft - A Collection of Stories by Various Authors Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft

Edited by D.M. Mitchell, Alan Moore & Others...

COVER ART by John Coulthart

A collection of contemporary visions of cosmic mutation, transformation and madness - written by various authors - inspired by the life and writings of H.P. Lovecraft - these stories often reflect his strangely persistent re-occuring themes. The ancient and old merge and mutate convulsively with modern technology...

Here the primal beings of Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos stalk a post-modern landscape of social collapse, ethnic cleansing, genetic engineering, nuclear devastation and nightmare prophecies. Includes the entire Graphic Novel version of 'Call of the Cthulhu' illustrated by John Coulthart.

The undercurrents of sexual and ecological displacement which powered much of Lovecraft's work have been laid bare in many of these stories - a great tribute to this much maligned genius revealing him to be a true prophet of the 20th century.

Authors Include: Alan Moore / J.G. Ballard / Grant Morrison / William S. Burroughs / Ramsey Campbell / John Coulthart / James Havoc / Brian Lumley / D.M. Mitchell / Michael Gira / Don Webb / David Conway / Rick Grimes / Robert M. Price / D.F. Lewis / Simon Whitechapel / Stephen Sennitt / Peter Smith and more....

GREAT COVER ART also by John Coulthart

Creation Books 2003 Edition - 221 Page Paperback - b&w Illustrations - Out of Print Book/ somewhat scarce - Sci-Fi/ Weird Fiction/ - Price: $20.00

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