Saturday, June 26, 2010

INSIDE TERADOME: Illustrated History of Freak Films - Edited by Jack Hunter

INSIDE TERRADOME: An Illustrated History of Freak Films - By Jack Hunter

From the Roman Games to traveling carnivals - human anomalies have been presented and displayed for spectacle through-out history - with the advent of cinema a further outlet for these displays was discovered - which led to a peculiar strain of bizarre cinema: the Freak Film.

This book is a comprehensive, fully illustrated guide to this fascinating and often disturbing cinematic genre - Including: brief history of teratology / freaks in myth and medicine / history of freakshows and origins of cinema / sideshows / human anomalies in film / freaks and geeks / bizarre cinema / mutilation and fetishes / illustrated filmography / index.

Creation Books, 1998 Edition - 244 Page Paperback - hundreds of black and white photos/illustrations - **Some ADULT Content** - Price: $20.00

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

X 10 R. 1 -- X 10 R. 2 - C.D. - By David Schafer - Double C.D. Set of Experimental Muzak

X 10 R. 1 -- X 10 R. 2 - C.D.

By David Schafer

Double C.D. Set of Experimental Turntablist Muzak

Multiple turntables and lounge records all recorded at once - ethereal cacophony of noise with muzak versions of familiar song bits floating in and out of the sound.

"The cryptic CD title stands for “Times Ten Resequenced With Two Second Gap” and “Times Ten Resequenced With Variable Gap” - Schafer has rearranged pre-recorded albums - he’s selected ten records conducted or arranged by people associated with the easy listening giant, the Muzak Corporation. Each record’s tracks were re-arranged from slowest to fastest and then those re-sequenced records were superimposed on top of each other creating an extremely dense blanket of non-stop sound".

"The result is like being stuck in ten different elevators at once. As the piece rolls on, you’ll catch an audible whiff of a familiar melody then, just as you’re about to identify it, that melody gets washed away by a new rush of sound. Everything all at once building and peaking then fading away while another blur of sounds rushes in: orchestras, light ragtime, a lonesome whistler, orchestral vocals, choirs, a pop vocal group here, a fuzz guitar riff there. At thirty minutes in, the jazz piano coming out of the left speaker collides with the distinctive, familiar theme of The Good, Bad and The Ugly which, in turn, gets buried under a syrupy orchestra. A tornado of sound, dizzying, nightmarish and exhilarating".

Ten easy listening records resequenced according to the theories of the Muzak Corporation and then superimposed onto each other.

“Ten easy listening records played at the same time (either in 'two-second gaps' or 'variable gaps') that take you right up above the muzak ether.”......David Cotner

Disc 1: X10r.1 incorporates a two second gap which means there’s a brief calming period between one barrage of sound to the next, but with no complete silence on the entire CD.

Disc 2: X10r.2 is the same as its predecessor (even begins the same way) but this one uses a variable gap which alters the entire piece from its predecessor. 

Transparency Label 2002 Release /Double C.D. Set (2 X CD's) - Edition of 1000 - Experimental Sound /Muzak - Price: $12.00