Sunday, February 28, 2010

CRACKING THE FREEMASONS CODE: The Truth About Solomons's Key and the Brotherhood

CRACKING THE FREEMASONS CODE: The Truth About Solomons's Key and the Brotherhood

By Robert L. D. Cooper (One of Britian's leading experts on Freemasonry)

Growing public interest sparked by controversial stories about the Fraternal Order of Freemasonry have prompted respected historian, and Scottish Freemason, Robert Cooper to author this book about the Freemasons. As curator of the Scottish Masonic Museum and Library - the author has unparalleled access to a vast amount of material on the history and function of Freemasonry.

Cooper addresses the considerable amounts of controversy surrounding it - laying out the symbolism, beliefs and ethos of it's members and includes seldom seem images and documents which offer an inside view of this ancient secret society.

He explains the structure of Masonic inter-culture, connections to covert organizations and lists identities of famous historical Masonic members such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the locations of famous and important Masonic land-marks and sites.

Atria Books 2007 - First Paperback Edition - 240 Page Paperback - b&w Illustrations - PRICE: $14.00

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Friday, February 12, 2010

SEX and GUTS: Underground Film and Art/ Editors Gene Gregorits and Lydia Lunch

SEX AND GUTS: Underground Cinema, Art, Music and Writing.
Edited by Gene Gregorits and Lydia Lunch
Cover Photo: J.K. Potter

SEX AND GUTS charges headlong into the sleazy world of b-movies, exploitation, rock music, smut and the celluloid underground. Featuring twenty-nine interviews with independent film makers, musicians, performance artists and writers:

John Waters, Nico B., Steve Wynn, Jello Biafra, Jim Goad, Johnette Napilotano, Larry Wessel, Luis Fernandez, Nick Tosches, Dave Schramm, Steve Abee, Chris D., Stuart Gordon, Mary Woronov, Lloyd Kaufman, Jonathan Ames, Rennie Sparks, Asia Argento, Laila Nabulsi, Jim Thirwell, Margaret Cho, Ben Meade, Cynthia True, Vanessa Skantze, Simon Stokes, Carla Bozulich, Ron Athey, JK Potter, & Jim VanBeeber.

With articles and fiction by: Hubert Selby Jr., Kathy Jo Kramer, Gene Gregorits, Monah Li, Lydia Lunch, Bibbe Hansen, Kurt Lee, Nick Tosches, Daryl Edelman, Jerry Stahl, David Peace, Steve Abee, Mike Ryan, Joe Coughlin & Robbie Edmonstone.

Phony Lid Books - 280 Page Large Format Paperback - Heavily Illustrated in B&W - Price: $20.00

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