Thursday, May 2, 2013

DIVINE FILTH - Lost Scatology and Erotic Writings by George Bataille

DIVINE FILTH: Lost Writings By George Bataille

Cover Art by Hans Bellmer

'Divine Filth' is a collection of long-overlooked minimal, experimental, erotic prose and scatological fragments - rivaled only by Bataille's most famous work 'Story of the Eye' for pure 'pornographic' content that transcends the limits of literature and self.

These are the shattered mystical visions of a Surrealist with a deep thirst for the negation of consciousness through the ecstasies of humiliation, depravity and pain.

The fragments come straight out of Bataille's private notebooks. The form is minimal and experimental - but the messages are always visionary. Rarely has such profanity risen to this level of the sacred and sublime - secreting absurdist bile, vertigo, nudity and anguish.

Cover Drawing by Hans Bellmer

Creation Books 2004 edition - 165 Page Paperback - No illustrations - ADULT MATERIAL - slight shop-wear to these last copies of a somewhat scarce book - Price: $12.00

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