Sunday, September 30, 2012

THE GREAT GOD PAN & XELUCHA: Two Decadent Macabre Horror Classics

THE GREAT GOD PAN - By Arthur Machen

The Great God Pan - Arthur Machen's first book, published in 1894, still remains to be one of the greatest works of decadent weird horror ever produced. Arthur Machen with his taste for the bizarre and macabre, unfurls the tale of a young girl cursed by her unnatural parenthood to become a shape-shifting, poly-sexual, demi-human evil being.

*This Edition Also Includes:

XELUCHA - By Mathew Phipps Shiel

M.P. Shiels was a terminal dandy and convicted paedophile who served a sentence for having improper relations with his 12 year old step-daughter. His bizarre short story from 1896, 'Xelucha' is told by an opium addict who wanders the streets of London by night - tinged with horror, perverse eroticism, deranged and macabre visions, it is a rare bloom of necrophiliac exotica from a mind keenly attuned to the purple pulsations of midnight...

"Xelucha is a hideously noxious fragment" --- H.P. Lovecraft

This edition includes cover art and a set of complimentary automatic line drawings by Machen's contemporary and fellow mystic AUSTIN OSMAN SPARE - with an introduction by Iain Smith of the Arthur Machen Society and a short foreword by H.P. Lovecraft.

Creation Oneiros Books - 2012 Edition - 127 Page Paperback - B&W Illustraions by Austin Osman Spare - Esoterica/ Occult/ Fiction/ Decadent/ Classic Literature - PRICE: $14.00

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