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TALES: H. P. Lovecraft - Edited by Peter Straub Collection of 22 Stories

TALES: H. P. Lovecraft - Edited by Peter Straub

Collection of 22 Classic Tales

A 20th century successor to Edgar Allen Poe as the master of 'weird fiction,' H. P. Lovecraft adapted and combined horror stories and science fiction to express a cosmic vision and fearsome pessimistic view of human destiny. Lovecraft blurred the lines between reality and nightmare, developing his own mythology that included encounters with ancient extraterrestrial beings that wreak havoc on the human race who only then begin to see the "terrifying vistas of reality and our frightening position therein." From New England towns with haunted pasts linked to the occult to Antarctic wastes that hide appalling dark secrets, these tales exert a dreadful fascination. Very nice edition w/ bookmark ribbon. Cthulhu Cult !!

This Volume brings together 22 of his best tales including: The Music of Erich Zann // Pickman's Model // The Rats in the Walls // The Call of the Cthulhu // The Color Out of Space // At the Mountains of Madness // The Shadow Over Innsmouth //The Shadow Out of Time // The Dunwich Horror // The Shunned House // The Lurking Fear // and 11 other classics...

Library of America Edition 2005 - 838 Page Hardcover - No Illustrations - PRICE: $30.00 (sealed copy)

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