Saturday, December 10, 2011


DREAM MACHINE: by Brion Gysin - An Exhibition Guide

The ultimate hallucinogenic drug trip without the drugs !!

During his lifetime Brion Gysin (1916-1986) inspired an array of artists, writers, poets and musicians, most notably the Beat Generation. Since his death Gysin's own work has only increased in popularity, yet his radical approach to art defies categorization. Dream Machine is the first detailed study of Gysin's works in both art-historical and contemporary contexts. A devotee of invention, Gysin created paintings, drawings, photo-collages, installations, poetry and sound experiments. He produced the cut-up collage novel The Third Mind (1965) with William Burroughs, and with Ian Sommerville developed the Dreamachine (1961), a kinetic sculpture designed to induce visions by shining flickering light on the closed eyelids of the viewer - this produces wild colors and psychedelic patterns in the mind.... and if looked at for long periods of time, actual shapes, figures and other hallucinations can appear !!

This new book, features incisive texts, many photos and appreciations by contemporary artists, and captures the remarkable life of a daring, often overlooked artistic visionary genius.

New Museum, New York - With Laura Hoptman and Brion Gysin - 2010 Release - 192 Page Hardcover Book - Art/ Dream Machine - PRICE: $25.00 (New and Sealed Copies)

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