Friday, December 9, 2011

ARKTOS: The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism and Nazi Survival - By Joscelyn Godwin

ARKTOS: The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism and Nazi Survival

By Joscelyn Godwin

ARKTOS, is a book written about the archetype of the Poles: Celestial and Terrestial, North and South. This engrossing book on cosmology, occultism, conspiracy theory, visionary insight, creative imagination and the lunatic fringe leads to startling revelations about the powerful secrets of the Poles and it's icebound realms.

Joscelyn Godwin investigates legends of the 'Golden Age' which some claim ended when a catastrophic prehistoric shift in the earth's axis occurred. The current axis tilt is examined as well as predictions of future axis/pole shifts. The fascination with these theories and ideas is shown to be part of a 'polar tradition' of hidden wisdom traced back to earliest times and resurfaces again and again over the decades.

Also studied are the many tales of an ancient race that lived in the Arctic regions and eventually spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere. This supposed 'Aryan Race' entered the mythology of Nazi Germany, and was also studied by the Theosophists and many ethnologists. The author examines the origins of modern day Neo-Nazi ideology, its 'polar' inspiration and its links to other arcana like, UFOs, the Hollow Earth Theory and the hidden worlds of Agartha and Shambhala. Arktos offers a scholarly, responsible treatment of these subjects and topics. Includes 27 B&W Illustrations.

Joscelyn Godwin is the author of many books on Esoterica.

Thames & Hudson Ltd. - 1993 English Edition - 260 Page Paperback - 27 B&W Illustrations - Occult/ Conspiracy/ Hollow Earth/ Nazi/ UFOs/ Polar Myths/ Aryan Race - PRICE: $15.00

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