Thursday, June 2, 2011

COSMIC TRIGGER Volume 2: Down To Earth - by Robert Anton Wilson

COSMIC TRIGGER Volume 2: Down To Earth - by Robert Anton Wilson

While this book, the second in the trilogy, continues the ideas set forth in first volume of Cosmic Trigger, it also stands solidly own its own. Follow Wilson on a humorous and enlightening exploration into such diverse topics as: Cyberspace, the peculiarities of Irish jurisprudence, links between the Mafia, the Catholic Church and the CIA, anal-sex in the White House, the Barbaric Age remembered, Rumors of Black Magic and many other of his off-the-beaten-path observations.

"A super-genius... he has written everything I was afraid to write." --- Dr. John Lilly, M.D. (author of 'Center of the Cyclone'- A study of LSD & Mysticism and other books)

Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007 R.I.P.) was a novelist, teacher, philosopher, mystic and former editor of Playboy Magazine - he is the author of many, many books including: The Illuminatus Trilogy (with Robt. Shea), Prometheus Rising, Sex Drugs and Magic, Wilhelm Reich in Hell, Schrodinger's Cat Trilogy etc...

New Falcon Publication - 2007 Edition - 281 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - Psychology/ Social Studies/ Philosophy/ Esoteric/ Social Science - PRICE: $14.00

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