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THE REVIVAL OF MAGICK: And Other Essays - by Aleister Crowley - Oriflamme Series #2

THE REVIVAL OF MAGICK: And Other Essays - by Aleister Crowley

Oriflamme Series - Book #2

This collection is concerned with Aleister Crowley the essayist. This literary form gave full range to his wit, humor, knowledge and command of the English language. Most of his essays are as fresh today as they were when first written - and some of his best are collected here, forming a curiously charming sampling of Crowley's opinions and interests - His subjects are wide ranging, including mysticism, magick, travel, humor, social satire, drugs, psychoanalysis, religious fundamentalism, 'pop' occultism, art, divination, mythology and drama.

Crowley preaches his new Law of Thelema in several passionate essays - explaining the religious philosophy of the 'New Law' given to him by superior beings in Cairo 1904 which became the infamous 'Book of the Law' - Sometimes writing as Crowley the man, at other times as the Master Therion, Magus of the New Age of Horus - Crowley makes doctrinal connections not made elsewhere, many of great relevance to the theology and social philosophy of Thelema.

The intent of this collection is to introduce Aleister Crowley's writings to a wider audience - his essays have been annotated, with notes on sources, a bibliography of works cited, and an index.

The Oriflamme is a series of writings on magick, mysticism and the history of ideas. This is the second book in the series and was produced jointly by the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) and New Falcon Publications.

New Falcon Publications/O.T.O. - 1998 Edition - 240 Page Paperback - Not Illustrated - Esoteric/ Philosophy/ Metaphysics/ Occult -- Somewhat Scarce Edition -- PRICE: $30.00

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