Sunday, January 2, 2011

CRAWLING CHAOS: H.P. LOVECRAFT Collection/ 1920-1935

Collection of 22 Stories from 1920 to 1935

Cthulhu Cult: Choosing the field of "weird horror" in which to express his anatomical alienation and existential torment, H. P. Lovecraft easily transcended the limitations of the genre.

Within the matrix of his grotesque and complex mythology, he was able to create a hideous universe just beyond our own - his style and language forged a convoluted literary form which ultimately achieves the pinnacle of horror - the accumulation and repetition of his visions climax in cosmic revulsion and mutation. His labyrinthine demonology articulates a kind of atavistic dread - both archaic & modern at the same time - The Cult of Cthulhu......

The 22 stories in this volume comprise an essential, chronological collection of this unique writer's best work. With an introduction by Colin Wilson.

Creation Books Publication, 2000 Edition - 256 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - Price: $20.00

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