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*Various Bands / Electronica / Electro Pop / Art Rock / Vintage

The 'Softcore Jukebox' CD was released October 7th 2003 on the Emperor Norton Label - It is an 18 track compilation C.D. put together by the members of the band LADYTRON - it features an assortment of songs by various bands from several genres - It includes two songs performed by LADYTRON; the Remix of 'Blue Jeans' and an amazing electro thrash cover of TWEET'S 'Oops Oh My' - also includes an ass kicking remix version of FANNYPACK'S 'Hey Mami' - NOT TO MENTION one of my all time FAVORITE SONGS 'Teenage Daughter' by the Band FAT TRUCKERS - The CD Cover appears to be a homage to ROXY MUSIC'S 'Country Life' Album Cover and the band's name LADYTRON is a reference to ROXY MUSIC as well --- Also Includes: MY BLOODY VALENTINE, THE FALL, WIRE, SHOCKING BLUE, NANCY SINATRA/LEE HAZLEWOOD etc.... Great Collection !!!

Track Listing:

1. Soon --- by My Bloody Valentine
2. Hit the North: Part 1 --- by The Fall
3. What's a Girl To Do --- by Cristina
4. Peng –-- by Dondolo
5. The 15th –-- by Wire
6. Blue Jeans 2.0 –-- by Ladytron
7. Saviour Piece –-- by Snap Ant
8. Big –-- by New Fast Automatic Daffodils
9. Feel Good Hit of the Fall –-- by !!!
10. Teenage Daughter –-- by Fat Truckers
11. Hey Mami (Sharaz Mix) –-- by Fannypack
12. Manila (Headman Remix) –-- by Seelenluft
13. You Got the Love –-- by The Source
14. Crazy Girls –-- by Codec & Flexor
15. Oops Oh My --- by Ladytron
16. Send Me a Postcard –-- by Shocking Blue
17. Twins –-- by Pop Levi
18. Some Velvet Morning –-- by Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra

Emperor Norton 2003 CD Release - Electro / Art Rock Compilation - Price: $15.00

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