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A classic book on the subject of Freemasonry, C. W. Leadbeater has written numerous books on esoteric topics - This book, originally written in 1926, is an in depth study of the rites of the Mystery schools of ancient Egypt, Greece and Judea from the middle ages to the 20th century - and shows how these ancient rites have since emerged in this century as Freemasonry.

Based on his vast knowledge of the esoteric and almost every Masonic record available to the historian at the time, Leadbeater relates little known facts about the Mystery schools and their practices and beliefs - the origins of these schools are now for the most part "lost in the mists of antiquity".

Contents include:

The Origins of Masonry: Authentic School / Anthropological School / Mystical School / Occult School / Knowledge of the Occultist / Occult Records / Sacramental Power / etc.

The Egyptian Mysteries: World Teacher / Gods of Egypt / Isis & Osiris / Animal Dieties / The Practice of Embalming / Brothers of Horus / Consecration / Degrees of the Mysteries / etc.

The Cretan Mysteries: Unity of the Mysteries / Creatan Race / Worship in Ancient Crete / The Throne Room / The Three Columns / Models of Shrines / The Alter Objects / etc.

The Jewish Mysteries: Jewish Decent / Jewish Migration / The Prophets / Builders of the K.S.T. / Recasting the Rituals / Essenes and the Christ / Kabbalism / etc.

The Greek Mysteries: Eleusinian Mysteries / Greek Mysteries / Greek Gods / The Lesser Mysteries / Greater Mysteries / Hidden Mysteries / School of Pythagoras / Three Degrees / etc.

The Mithraic Mysteries: Zarathustra & Mithraism / Mithraism in Rome / Mithraic Rites / Roman Collegia / Work of King Numa / Colleges and the Legions / etc.

Craft Masonry in Medieval Times: Evolutionary Methods / Withdrawal of the Mysteries / Christian Mysteries / Repression of the Mysteries / Crossing of Traditions / etc.

Operative Masonry in the Middle Ages: Temporary Custodians / Decline of the Collegia / The Comacine Lodges / The Compagnonnage / German Stonemasons / etc.

Transition from Operative to Speculative: The Reformation / First Minutes / Scottish, English and Irish Minutes / Grand Lodge / The Recomposition of the Rituals / etc.

Other Lines of Masonic Tradition: Secret Societies / Templars / Preservation of Templar Tradition / The Royal Order of Scotland / Brothers of the Rosy Cross / etc.

The Scottish Rite: Origins / Jacobite Movement / Oration of Ramsay / Chapter of Clermont / Council of Emperors / Spread of the Scottish Rite / Frederick the Great / etc.

The Co-Masonic Order: Restoration of an Ancient Landmark / The Succession of Co-Masonry / The Co-Masonic Rituals / The Future of Freemasonry / etc.

Gramercy Books N.Y., 1998 Edition - 241 Page Hardcover Book - No Illustrations - Price: $15.00

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Author C. W. Leadbeater in Masonic Regalia 33*

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