Friday, September 3, 2010

DIRT: Two Extreme Erotic Novels in One Book - by Diane Bataille and Marcus Huttning

DIRT: Two Extreme Erotic Novels in One Book

The Whip Angels - by Diane Bataille (Wife of Georges Bataille 'Story of the Eye' author)

Linda's Strange Vacation - by Marcus Huttning

About this book:
'The Whip Angels' and 'Linda's Strange Vacation' are long-lost forbidden classics of explicit literary erotica, first published clandestinely in 1950s/60s Paris, and now restored to their original place in the history of extreme erotica. Both books are rites-of-passage stories throbbing with stunning sexual manias, lusts and perverse twists.

'The Whip Angels' blazes with erotic excess and incandescent cruelty as Victoria is schooled in the ways of whips and bondage by incestuous guardians. Attributed to Diane Bataille (wife of Georges Bataille, author of 'Story of the Eye').

'Linda's Strange Vacation' starts out as Linda arrives at her uncle's beachside villa for a 'vacation' and is immediately seduced by Lola the mistress of the house - she is then introduced to more and more increasingly bizarre activities - climaxing in an orgy of staggering diversity.

Two erotic novels published in one edition.

Creation Books 2001 Edition - 255 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - **ADULT CONTENT** - Price: $15.00

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