Monday, May 3, 2010

GARDEN OF PECULIARITIES / Classic Green Anarchy - by Jesus Sepulveda


*From the Cover: Ideology crystallizes itself like a map in memory. It legitimizes itself by propagating the false idea that the world in which we live is the best possible world, or the system is the best system, regardless of its shortcomings.

For this reason it is common to hear that socialism is better than capitalism, the free market is better than the proletarian state, democracy better than fascism, military dictatorship better than communism etc. However many of these arguments are launched - they are all ultimately absurd because they all tend to justify repression at the alter of a supposed necessary order.
JesĂșs SepĂșlveda is a Chilean green anarchist with roots in Spain, Italy and Eugene, Oregon. His important work is both critical and inspirational, a human and plant-centered antidote to the globalist technocracy.

Appearing for the first time in its English language edition, The Garden of Peculiarities is considered by major anarchist thinkers to be the primary twenty-first century anarchist essay, in the way that Guy Debord’s Society of the Spectacle influenced political thought in the late twentieth century.

Feral House Books, 2005 Edition - 143 Page Paperback - No illustrations - Green Anarchy - Price: $12.00

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