Saturday, January 2, 2010

THE SHE DEVILS: Extreme Classic Erotica By Pierre Louys

THE SHE DEVILS: Extreme Erotica
By Pierre Louys

The She Devils: A Mother and her three daughters share their inexhaustible sexual favors with the same young man, each other and anyone else who enters their web of depravity. A story of sexual obsession and monomania unsurpassed in its depictions of sexual excess, lust and perversity.

Included in this edition is the lewd novella - Toinon: From a chance encounter on a stairway with a voluptuous young girl, the narrator becomes the plaything of four insatiable females - experiencing them all in increasingly wilder and wilder debaucheries until one day they vanish as mysteriously as they had appeared.

Creation Books Classic Erotica/Fiction - Adult Content - 223 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - Price: $12.00

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