Wednesday, January 27, 2010

THE SATANIC SCREEN: Illustrated Guide To The Devil in Cinema - by Nikolas Schreck

THE SATANIC SCREEN: An Illustrated Guide To The Devil In Cinema
By Nikolas Schreck

Satan has figured prominently in film since the very birth of cinema. From George Melies' THE DEVIL'S MANOR and the classic film HAXAN, to Polanski's ROSEMARY'S BABY and THE NINTH GATE the Devil himself has appeared in hundreds of diverse movies.

THE SATANIC SCREEN documents all of Satan's cinematic incarnations, covering not only the horror genre, but also many examples of mainstream cinema, as well as a whole range of sub-genres including hardcore, mondo and underground film.

THE SATANIC SCREEN also investigates the interplay between Satanic cinema and leading occultists, making it essential reading for anyone interested in the Black Arts and their continuing representation in popular culture. An insider view of Satanic Cinema - the author Nikolas Schreck is a well-known occultist.

Creation Books Edition 2001 - 246 Page Paperback - Many B&W Illustrations - Price: $15.00

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