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ISIDORE: The Life of Le Comte de Lautreamont/ Novel/Fiction

ISIDORE: A Novel on the Life of Le Comte de Lautreamont

By Jeremy Reed - Cover Art 'Green Witness' by William S. Burroughs'

In this novel, Jeremy Reed (award wining novelist & poet) postulates the secret life of Isidore Ducasse, also known as Le Comte de Lautreamont, author of the infamous 'Les Chants de Maldoror', the blasphemous text which detonated 19th century literature and later formed one of the cornerstones of Andre Breton's Surrealist manifestos.

Reed's book leads us through the labyrinthine inner landscapes of one who becomes his own murderous double, illuminating a short and violent life consecrated to insurrection. It is truly an exceptional work, a testament to the imagination and the importance of 'hallucinated' literature above all other !!

In the absence of any true biography of Isidore Ducasse, it provides insight into the enigma surrounding this legendary figure and the creation of his notorious literary masterpiece, based on what little we do know about his life and death.

Isidore Ducasse died at an early age under mysterious circumstances in 1871 - very little is known about his life or his death. What was left behind is his explosive work - 'Les Chants de Maldoror' and little else.

Creation Books 1996 Edition - 144 Page Paperback - No illustrations - Novel/Fiction - Price $12.00

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