Tuesday, May 5, 2009

DUNGEON EVIDENCE: The Correct Sadist II - By Terence Sellers

The Correct Sadist II

By Terence Sellers

The Mistress Angel Stern presides over a New York torture chamber and 'theatrical dungeon' where sexual malcontents, the paraphiliac and perverted, which are her slaves, obey her every whim.

These 'morally insane', ruled by the dominatrix, engage in acts of refined cruelty in the dungeon confines of a 'safe' torture zone. From masturbatory depravities to religious exhaltations this book presents a blueprint for sadomasochism, cruelty and bondage.

Here are the bizarre case histories, de Sade like philosophies and psychopathologies of a dominatrix - a frank testament that explains the drives which lead some to become slaves and others masters, and also reveals the complex exchange of psychic energies involved in dominance and submission.

The sequel to Terence Sellers' best-selling book The Correct Sadist, this is a report from the sadomasochistic front-line, which documents the many visitors to Miss Angel Stern's dungeon. A classic of female domination. Now out-of-print and a rare, sought after book. We have copies available.

Velvet Publication - 1997 First Edition - 185 Page Paperback - No Illustrations - *ADULT Material !! - Price: $15.00

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